Unimed Living Conversations

Suicides, The Health Profession and Dentistry - thumbnail version

Suicides, The Health Profession and Dentistry

Unimed Living Conversations are audio discussions involving students of The Way of the Livingness who come together in a relaxed 'fireside chat forum' discussing a broad range of subjects. These recordings cross many geographic borders as the students live in many countries around the globe. The conversations have one over-riding theme – to take the topical conversations of today to a level of evolution.

The way humanity has chosen to live is clearly not serving, with man-made health problems escalating to epidemic proportions, mental health issues on the rise and spreading to the youth, corruption, greed and separation being a few of the big issues in the way of otherwise co-creating a much better way.

These conversations explore ways to improve wellbeing, lifestyles, relationships and communities. These conversations take us to a bigger, more universal agenda.