Most of us associate corruption with overt criminality and badly designed social systems that lend themselves to abuse.

The interview opens with a focus on education, but rapidly expands with a definition of corruption that challenges every notion of culture we have collectively subscribed to. Professor William “Bill” Foley turns our notions of corruption upside down in an interview that deeply challenges the listener to reconsider not only the meaning of the word, but their part in its ubiquitous presence in our society and our world.

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Interview with Rachel Mascord

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  • By William Foley, University Professor: BA, Brown University MA, PhD University of California, Berkeley Fellow, Australian Academy of the Humanities

    I am a Professor of Linguistics. I am interested in how peoples of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds communicate and how we can increase understanding and brotherhood across these differences.

  • By Dr Rachel Mascord, Dentist, writer and observer of life

  • Photography: Iris Pohl, Photographer and Videographer

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