REVIEW: Life is Medicine 2017

REVIEW: Life is Medicine 2017

In 2017 the three-part series, Life is Medicine was presented in Sydney in June, July and October, with each workshop looking at an aspect of Connection:

  • Connection to Self
  • Connection to Others
  • Connection to Life


On 4th of June 2017 Connection to Self was delivered by Jean Gamble, joined by Stephen Gammack and Alexis Stewart. This interactive workshop explored the discontent and lack of connection with self, on the basis that this is the igniting foundation from which we first tap into the greater purpose and meaning of life.

Jean, who was described as a “very wise and witty woman” by MC Annette, delivered on a silver platter the answers to questions we’ve long been asking.

Questions such as,

  • What happens when we are not connected with ourselves?
  • How can we live in a way that will support us to feel healthy and vital?
  • What is energetic responsibility?
  • If nature can do it, why can’t we?
  • Who wants to live a more vital, more purposeful, more joyful life and why are we not doing something about this?
  • Why do we not feel connection with ourselves all the time?

Workshop participants explored these questions and more, utilising intriguingly described tools such as,

  • Being connected with self
  • The 4 pillars to support living a connected life
  • The ‘five-pronged’ attack
  • Our adapted self
  • The tension of not living life from who you truly are
  • Medicating this tension, and,
  • Stillness

There’s only one Jean Gamble and the standing ovation at the end of the day said it all. What a gift she and her fellow presenters Stephen and Alexis gave the participants that day with all they presented.

And the biggest gift of all was the reminder that we are equally all just as grand, just as awesome, just as capable of living a life of love and connection.


On 9th July 2017 the Connection to Others workshop was presented by relationship counsellors, Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice, teaming up with personal trainer, Beverly Carter.

As Annette commented,

“Life is Medicine is not just a cool title for an event, it’s a way of living. We can see how everyone is living and we can see how everyone is medicating and, for the most part, people are not really living.”

An amazing workshop which addressed this and more:

  • Love
  • Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Loving in full, both expressing it and receiving it
  • Deserving love
  • Reaction
  • Our body
  • Living a life of love in full
  • Current state of humanity vs what we all really want
  • Bringing it back to you and our everyday


The third Life is Medicine workshop on 8th October 2017 was all about connecting with life; a ‘how to’ in understanding the greater meaning to life in the context of our own experience in it.

The discussion was led by jumping straight into the deep end where she put the spotlight on the magnificence of everything on offer – not just in the universe at large, or even our own planet but also the microscopic cosmos of our own bodies. One might think it impossible to link these three vast topics so easily within three hours, but not so for the presenter who connected them so eloquently and seamlessly. They did a superb job of reminding us that from the stars in the sky, right down to the connective tissue in our bodies there is an incredible amount of order to all of life.

What was presented included:

  • The outer and the inner world – the Divine order of it all
  • Relating our magnificence to the everyday tensions of life
  • Our four big ‘ouches’ / coping strategies
  • Renouncing our ‘go to’s’
  • The Yoga of Stillness
  • Goodby guru, hello wisdom
  • It’s all in you

An amazing last workshop of the absolutely sensational 2017 series of Life Is Medicine. From Connection To Self to Connection To Others.

If 2017 is anything to go by then 2018 is going to transport us to a whole new galaxy, one that is real, tangible and applicable to daily life and also carries with it the understanding of our grandness.

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