REVIEW: The Livingness 2 (2018)

REVIEW: The Livingness 2 (2018)

This one-day healing workshop offered by Universal Medicine is an open invitation to explore a fundamental truth that we are all, every single one of us, deeply sensitive.

"We crave connection to this sensitivity more than anything else. And whilst we may play roles to fit in, we deep down crave to be met in the tenderness."

Natalie Benhayon

In her opening welcome and introduction, international healing practitioner Natalie Benhayon described how in our day to day we get pulled back into ways we have learnt to fit in and conform. How life becomes about finding ways to survive – just to get by, get through, to ‘be a man’, to ‘be a woman’. We drop back into behaviours – a range of behaviours we have become familiar and comfortable with, at ease with resorting to as our coping mechanism in life.

Natalie presents that there is another way. From our sensitivity we can resort to deeper understanding, deeper love, not having judgment and learning how to not react.

"It takes a while for us to come to a place where we maintain our sensitivity and connection in a way that is still very engaged with people and the world and not living in a cave avoiding the world."

Natalie Benhayon

The Livingness 2 workshop is an introduction to healing – and understanding that we do need to heal, however equally understanding that nobody else can actually heal us. This is important because it is a very natural part of human life that when we are sick/ill (physically or emotionally) we want someone to help or fix us, but we need to also engage in that process. It’s normal for us to want to seek healing – we might use the words ‘help, clarity, support’ or something similar – but ultimately, we are seeking healing in one way or another when we get to a place that leaves us feeling out of sorts.

The key however is to understand that you as a client are the one who gets to decide how much healing takes place. Even if you had four of the best so-called healing practitioners working on you – you can only heal as much as you are willing to.

Further into the introduction Natalie explained how our body registers stress and tension well before it becomes a more serious notable condition i.e., from a slight strain in your body and feeling tired to the flu. We are in a super-duper sensitive body suit that’s enhousing a being that is even more sensitive than that. It is our nature to seek support, but unfortunately, we don’t often seek support at the time of those initial signs, instead waiting for the breakdown or the flu to get the medicine – and even then we can still soldier on.

The Livingness 2 healing sessions offer the opportunity to give your body permission to come back to listening to its natural sensitivity. And to do this we need to let people in. This is where a lot of us struggle, simply because we have been hurt, so whilst in our everyday we are not living as a hermit, we are still using our bodies to keep people out, that is, going hard and holding our bodies in protection and guardedness.

"By virtue of feeling less burdened when you can let go of the protection walls, you are lighter and open to surrender to your true self – which is in fact your sensitivity – naturally, as you feel less loaded by the other stuff that weighs you down. From this quality you can build true relationship with yourself and others."

Natalie Benhayon

The Livingness 2 today, October 7th 2018, essentially offered participants 10 healing sessions – two sessions on the table and 8 sessions giving hands-on healing to the person on the table. When on the table it was an opportunity to deeply connect, surrender, let go and expand. Offering hands on healing to the person on the table was an opportunity to feel that deep in our essence there is no trying; that when we connect we effortlessly offer another warmth, tenderness and care. This offers the person on the table a beholding – the safety to surrender to who they truly are inside. The people who attended ranged from young to old, some with experience in esoteric healing and some who had never done it before. Regardless, all connected to an innate quality within that brought deep connection, care and support to themselves and all others they worked with throughout the day.

Healing is as natural as breathing and everyone can experience it because it is simply about returning to our essence – which lives within every human being.

This ‘return to Soul’ is simply both a releasing of what is not of that essence – the stress and tension we have built up – and a confirming and deepening of one’s connection to that essence within our body. Hence those attending the workshop witnessed the whole group ‘fire up’ which one may see as miraculous, however from the esoteric understanding, is completely normal.

Below are some comments from the day:

I have attended many level 2 Livingness courses and I love them. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday. It is both beautiful and so supportive to give and receive healing. This weekend my partner and I went together and it was sweet to see him get so much out of the day. ~ Rosie Bason, Esoteric Practitioner & Educator, NSW

Having hands on healing from four practitioners at once in a room of stillness, care and love – wow L2 is a must do every year! ~ Paul Camenzind, Child Care Worker, NSW

This course gave me the opportunity to know I am way more than just an individual human being. I’m a being, always totally with God and now it’s time to bring the delicateness of me out with my new found strength and give it a go, playfully expressing what I feel about all things in life. A sure fire way to live your love. ~ Anonymous, 41 years, NSW

L2 was a deeply supportive, restorative and confirming workshop. To let go of whatever hardness is in the way of my sensitivity, and to power this connection up with a group of four other people was totally awesome, and supported me to connect to a quality that I want to bring to all aspects of my life. I love what Universal Medicine is bringing to the world. ~ Sarah, Counsellor, NSW

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