REVIEW: Well-being for Women 2017

REVIEW: Well-being for Women 2017

Unimed Living Sydney presented a series of three Well-being for Women interactive workshops in Sydney in 2017.

These workshops offered a space for each woman to explore what it means to truly support herself in life.

Well-being for Women

What would it be like to live in a world without billboards, glossy magazines or pop up ads, without fashion photography or VIP lines, without gossip or comparison to other women? What would it feel like to grow up in a world where we were encouraged to simply be ourselves – no imagery to aspire to, no expectations to live up to, no roles to play?

The first Well-being for Women presentation in May 2017 explored what it is to be a woman in the world today . . . Exploring the images we buy into versus the love that we are . . .

Women in Relationships

The August 2017 presentation focussed on Women in Relationships. Maxine Szramka introduced the presentation with some thought-provoking questions,

  • How are we in relationships as women?
  • What is it to be in relationship as women?
  • What’s it all about?
  • How are we going with that?
  • Are we great at it?
  • Could there be some improvements?
  • Is there room for growth?

Maxine highlighted that initiating these types of discussions is the power of Well-being for Women. There was a unifying and embracing start to what was an outstanding presentation and discussion about where women are collectively and within themselves, being a woman in all relationships.

Health from Within

Often when we think about our health and wellbeing, we consider it as something we 'do', such as taking supplements, eating well, or exercising, but have you ever considered that your state of health comes from within?

The third in this series of 3 workshops on Well-being for Women was held on Sunday 5th November 2017, exploring the topic 'Health from Within' with starting questions such as:

  • Where does health come from?
  • And how can we live true health?

Dates for your diary for Well-being for Women events in 2018 will be coming very shortly, please check regularly for updates at Unimed Living Sydney.

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