Easy everyday stretching routine

Easy everyday stretching routine

Exercises to loosen and lengthen the body – including hamstring and back stretches

We have created more sedentary lifestyles – watching TV, sitting at work, hours in front of screens and not moving our bodies much during the day. We take escalators instead of stairs, drive the car to the shops instead of walking and choose drive-through takeaways instead of cooking, these being just some examples of our physical inactivity.

With this lack of movement comes a lethargy, stiffness and a tight body where stretching can be really supportive to wellbeing.

This video shares a gentle and supportive stretching routine to feel lengthened and loosened in the body.

This sequence can easily be brought into your training sessions and can also support you to start and end the day in a connected and appreciative way with your body.

This stretch routine covers:

  • Gentle spine twist (back stretch)
  • Gluteal stretch (buttocks)
  • Hamstring stretch (back of leg)
  • Quadriceps stretch (thigh/front of leg)
  • Gentle spine lengthening (back stretch)


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    By Beverly Carter, Fitness and Health Coach

    Beverly has a background in elite sport and TV and has been a Personal coach/trainer in health and fitness for over 25 years. Bev’s approach shares simple ways for people to bring true wellbeing into their bodies and lives to shine from within.