Exercise and Fitness Testimonials: more than just getting fit

Fitness Testimonials: more than just getting fit

Exercise and Fitness Testimonials: more than just getting fit

Fitness and exercise can be so much more than what many people experience on a regular basis, that training sessions are painful, exhausting, hard and take up so much time.

True connected exercise that connects, nurtures and supports the body can feel amazing and brings vitality and fullness, flowing into all aspects of life.

Read these fitness testimonials from people who have experienced making the change to true exercise and fitness for life.

Tanya Curtis

“I have developed a relationship with exercise where it is no longer about pushing my body – rather supporting my body in a way that allows my body to accustom itself to the exercise and then move to the next level – never pushing the body beyond what it is ready for.”
– Tanya Curtis

Josephine Bell
“Exercise sessions have been life changing in the sense that they have deepened my sense of connection with my inner rhythm whilst I am in movement and given me a marker I can always return to no matter how busy my day.”
– Josephine Bell

Stephanie Stevenson
“Exercise was something to tick a box to be fit and healthy, yet preferably to be avoided where possible. The complete opposite is true now – I love being connected to the stillness and rhythm within and truly feeling the simple, natural way my body responds to this.”
– Stephanie Stevenson

Phil Sargeant
“Exercise has always been ingrained into my life, but typically it was always associated with an image. Endlessly working to a better body image, fitness or training for some sort of competition or particular sport, but I was always left feeling like I was finishing short… it was never enough – ‘no pain, no gain’ and all that.

Having started regular sessions I was opened up to a whole new world of movement and in that a deeper understanding of the way my body was designed to be. Some of the exercises, movements and stretches have been so encompassing of my whole body that I have often actually felt more connected to my body and beyond than any combination of things I had done before such as yoga and meditation, or circuits for example. It made me realise that the lacking I felt before was down to the investment in the image I was trying to achieve or the fact I was focussing on specific muscles rather than respecting how the whole body works together and appreciating that.”
– Phil Sargeant

Katie walls
“My relationship with Exercise and fitness has been completely transformed through attending group classes and one-on-one exercise classes where the exercise is taught and undertaken from a place of connection – from a principle of establishing a connection with your body and then moving and exercising from this connection.

It’s a deeply restorative, nurturing and invigorating time that I thoroughly enjoy and that feeds me back throughout my days, not just at the time of exercising.”
– Katie walls

Rachael Rogerson
“There were no goals to aim for, just an intention. And my intention was all about developing a connection to my body, so I can begin to actually feel it and in that get to know myself and learn to trust what my body tells me.

As a result of these sessions and the exercises that come out of them to support me to reconnect to my body again, my body is becoming stronger, steadily so, and I am gradually becoming more aware of my movements and how they impact everything around me. For me the most awesome thing about all of this is having the physical support to get to know my body and how much I have got to know myself as a result.”
– Rachael Rogerson

Donna Gianniotis
“For most of my 20’s and 30’s I ignored exercise and thought that I didn’t need it. I didn’t have weight issues and I had never enjoyed much of the exercise I had previously tried. I thought it was too hard, hurt my body or just wasn’t fun.

When I came to the work of Universal Medicine, I developed a newfound way of being with my body where I was consciously making the choice to move my body in connection, that is the body and mind working together. Having heard others talk about the benefits of exercising from connection, I decided to give exercise another go.

Gentle exercise is now an integral part of my daily life. I truly enjoy exercising because I feel just how lovely it is to move in connection and how empowering it feels to be fully present with my body. I feel strength building from inside to the out and the benefits last well beyond the exercise session into my day.”
– Donna Gianniotis

Helen Simkins
“I must admit I was never a fan of what I considered ‘exercise’ – structured activities about fitness, or my lack of it ☺, involving things like pushing my body around and counting crunches. Just the idea of sit-ups sent my mind wandering toward the fridge, my desk, the couch or, well, pretty much anywhere except toward the mat or the gym ….

Through these principles I’ve learned there is great power in simplicity and that if I am very much connected to my body when I’m moving it, the simplest of movements can deliver great benefits.

Fitness doesn’t mean pounding and pushing my body around, results aren’t dependent on punishment and my body will lead the way if I support it to – hallelujah for that!”
– Helen Simkins

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