Back Stretch – How to stretch your back

Back Stretch – How to stretch your back

A beautiful everyday stretch to lengthen, gently twist and connect to your whole body and spine. Full sequence Video

When in stretch

  • Close eyes to be with you
  • Feel a sense of lengthening from the upper armpit to hip (along seam line of clothing)
  • Surrender and feel width through the upper body, chest, shoulders, neck and face
  • Connect to your hips and allow them to let go of any holding
  • Enjoy feeling and being you
  • Listen to the body to know when it’s time to move tenderly onto other side.


  • Pillow under knees to reduce twist
  • Keep head facing sky/ceiling (no rotation) for people with neck concern/issues.

This stretch is NOT for people with Osteoporosis and/or back pathologies that are made worse through rotation/twist.

NB – no pain or discomfort is to be felt.


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  • By Beverly Carter, Fitness and Health Coach

    Beverly has a background in elite sport and TV and has been a Personal coach/trainer in health and fitness for over 25 years. Bev’s approach shares simple ways for people to bring true wellbeing into their bodies and lives to shine from within.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd