Why is it important to stretch the Chest?

To open and lengthen the chest, shoulders and arms feels wonderful to most people. In particular for people who spend a lot of time during the day bending over e.g. nursing mothers, desk workers, care workers, along with people who have breathing problems, feel unwell or depressed.

Stretching the chest can support breathing, posture and feelings of well being to the body by bringing a sense of more spaciousness to the chest and upper body. This stretch can easily be part of your everyday because it requires no equipment, is easy to do and takes just a few moments of your day.

How to stretch the Chest

  • Stand with good posture with your spine in its natural alignment.

  • Place one hand with arm outstretched and just below shoulder height on a doorway or wall. (Arm height can vary but start with shoulder height or just below as its more caring of the shoulder)

  • Gently rotate the chest and body away from the hand (opening the chest) to feel a gentle lengthening along upper arm and chest. (see photo)


  • Please Stretch gently, feel your way, no pushing or over stretching

  • Connect to your body

  • Hold stretch min 20-30s

  • Maintain and openness through out the body and particularly the chest

  • No bouncing, jerking or sudden movements

  • Can adjust the hand height to vary the feel of the stretch in chest and arm

  • Repeat both sides

  • No Pain should be felt in the shoulder!


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  • By Beverly Carter, Fitness and Health Coach

    Beverly has a background in elite sport and TV and has been a Personal coach/trainer in health and fitness for over 25 years. Bev’s approach shares simple ways for people to bring true wellbeing into their bodies and lives to shine from within.