Why is it important to stretch the front of the leg?

People are generally living more sedentary lives, spending more hours sitting in front of screens, travelling in cars, watching TV etc. The sitting position on the body over time leads to leg and hip muscles shortening. Another way hips and thighs can become tight is through exercising, like running, (hill climbing, stepping and any other movement that includes excessive and repetitive knee rising or short sharp dynamic movements as in soccer and other ball games.

Over time, this tension and tightening on the muscles can lead to changes and alignment problems.

How to stretch the thigh

  • Stand or lie with good posture with spine in its natural alignment
  • Simply take one foot and gentle draw to buttocks
  • Keep front of hip open and knee in alignment with leg/hip.

*Use towel if you can’t reach your foot.
*This stretch can be done standing, lying on stomach (prone) or, as photo, on side.


  • Please stretch gently, feel your way
  • Connect to your body
  • Hold stretch minimum 20-30 seconds
  • Maintain spine alignment and posture, eg. avoid arching back
  • Keep natural alignment
  • No bouncing, jerking or sudden movements.


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  • By Beverly Carter, Fitness and Health Coach

    Beverly has a background in elite sport and TV and has been a Personal coach/trainer in health and fitness for over 25 years. Bev’s approach shares simple ways for people to bring true wellbeing into their bodies and lives to shine from within.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd