Esoteric Breast Massage Testimonial by Heather Pope

Esoteric Breast Massage testimonial by Heather Pope

Esoteric Breast Massage Testimonial by Heather Pope

As an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) Practitioner since 2008, I have much to share regarding the life changing positive impact and deep healing that the EBM specialty modality offers to women, what their experiences have been and what transformations have occurred.

This testimonial, however, is regarding the significant developments and support that the Esoteric Breast Massage modality has brought to my own personal life.

As I write this testimony I am 54 years old. I was 46 when I began receiving EBM treatments. My family history of breast health is poor. My maternal grandmother had passed away from complications of Breast Cancer: my mother had survived Breast Cancer with the help of a mastectomy and further treatments.

I have not had any children. From a family history and genetic perspective I was in a high-risk category for contracting Breast Cancer. Each time I would visit a doctor for a check-up they would strongly encourage me to have a mammogram and counsel me on the high risk of Breast Cancer that I had. I found this experience to be difficult and one that often left me feeling fearful and powerless.

In addition to the family history of breast illness I suffered with significant menstrual pain and endometriosis from the age of 15. Each month my severe abdominal pain was such that I would be incapacitated for 1-2 days, have vomiting, diarrhoea, and on occasions blackouts caused by the intense pain. This occurred at least once a month from the ages of 15 to 46 years old.

During these years I tried a variety of medications. In a typical month I might have 10-12 painkillers in a 24-hour period. This obviously had a significant impact on my body and I would often need a following day off work to recover from the “painkiller hangover” my body was in.

I sought medical diagnosis and support including surgery for the Endometriosis in 2003. The surgery improved the pain for 1 month, but then the issue returned by the second month. None of the medical professionals I saw were able to provide a resolution or explanation of the cause.

I also sought help from specialised women’s naturopaths and investigated a variety of complementary medicines. I found no solution in any quarter that was effective at reducing the pain and medical complaints I was living with.

In 2007 at the age of 45 I commenced receiving regular Esoteric Breast Massages. With the support of an Esoteric Practitioner,

I began to gently explore the self-loathing that had been a very normal part of my life. I learned that it was important to be nurturing and tender with myself and began to practice that as part of my daily life.

After some months of dedication to myself, and the continued support from the EBM Practitioner I found that although my menstrual pain was still present, it was significantly reduced. The amount of medication I needed had reduced by half to a typical 6 painkillers a month. With further EBM sessions it reduced even further and on many cycles I now had only 2 painkillers.

This was an absolute miracle in my life. There is no other way to describe it.

For my entire adult life I had been dealing with a monthly sentence of excruciating pain that neither general practitioners, specialists, surgeons nor complementary practitioners could improve. The doctors I had seen had done their best, and even provided surgery. The naturopaths had provided supplements and recommended diet changes (which I diligently followed). The acupuncturists had advised me they could see no reason why this was continuing to occur (after months of acupuncture sessions).

From this short description you can see I have been a very 'normal' woman from the perspective that I have followed the traditional medical paths available to all of us in society searching for a solution for an illness I was dealing with, yet I found no resolution in over 30 years. None until I committed to a program of treatments with an Esoteric Breast Massage Practitioner.

How does one truly communicate the value of a modality that supported me in making changes in my life that changed more than 30 years of monthly excruciating and debilitating pain into a largely pain free and extremely manageable menstrual cycle?

It seems to me no words can fully capture the relief, the appreciation, the immeasurable support such a change provides across all aspects of life.

The support and care I received from the Esoteric Breast Massage practitioners has been second to none. They offered true care on an ongoing basis that was immensely encouraging. Their support leaves me in no doubt that I am not alone in my journey of wellbeing.

The basis of the EBM it is not only encouraging, but it makes sense. Perhaps most importantly, I have learned through my own experiences that how I care for myself and my choices in life can positively affect my health and wellbeing.

The world needs to know about the Esoteric Breast Massage modality.

For more, go to the Foundational Breast Care website.

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  • By Heather Pope, Corporate Executive