True Yoga is already within me

True Yoga is already within me

I have studied yoga for many years with the intention of wanting to understand the human condition and in turn, my own self at a deeper level.

I have tried and practised many types of yoga – from the strong, physical traditions such as Ashtanga, to the more detail-oriented styles such as Iyengar and the more gentle traditions such as Desikachar and Satyananda. In all the types of yoga I had studied, I felt something was missing in the teachings and so my search continued.

It was not until I had attended an Esoteric Yoga session, that I felt what yoga was truly about.

True yoga was already within me, not something I had to go outside of myself to seek or attain. That ‘something missing’ had been there all along, and it was there within ME!

At first I found the sessions challenging and sometimes I wanted to get up, scream and have a complete tantrum, rather than having to experience the truth that was being shown to me in my own body. And yet, when I first experienced true conscious presence through feeling a depth of connection with my body, it was truly lovely.

I have learnt from attending Esoteric Yoga classes how powerful it is to be truly gentle and present with myself, and how I can bring this quality of being into my everyday life. This is something that I am always developing within myself and now realise that it is a process that never ends.

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  • By Nicole Twist

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd