Sacred Esoteric Healing at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney

Esoteric Healing at the Mind Body and Spirit Festival in Sydney – A testimonial by Katie Walls.

Sacred Esoteric Healing at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney

The Universal Medicine Therapies stand consisted of a team of 20 dedicated practitioners offering their time in way of complimentary sessions to give people the opportunity to experience Sacred Esoteric Healing.

  • Many people have not heard of Sacred Esoteric Healing nor have had the opportunity of feeling the healing support of this modality.
  • The beautiful experience of Sacred Esoteric Healing is founded upon the principles of energetic integrity and is therefore received as a completely unimposing therapy.
  • This leaves the client therefore able to deeply connect to themselves, their own stillness, and to feel what is often described as feeling "complete from within".

Sacred Esoteric Healing gives you an opportunity to let go and sink into your body

The practitioners connect deeply to themselves, then through the application of gentle hands-on-healing the client is supported to hold that connection to themselves, to their essence, and from there they are able to clear and let go of what is not them – the stress, tension, and emotional and physical blockages.

People receiving sessions commented on how they appreciated that they did not feel imposed upon or that they had something needing to be fixed ... different to what they had experienced whilst having sessions with some other modalities at the festival.

Most people after receiving their sessions commented, that even in a very noisy environment,
everything went quiet and they felt deeply relaxed and were able to let go.

  • As we see in sessions outside the festival environment it was no different in these 20 minute sessions, as people were letting go of the mask they put on for the world and instead were letting more of their natural self be seen.
  • The protection and stiffness was gone, their eyes sparkled, their skin looked brighter and softer and many commented that the tension they came in with was no longer in their body.
  • A client remarked that he was amazed to feel such benefit in his body from one 20 minute session.
  • People also commented that they were very surprised to experience such profound shifts in their body such as deep relaxation and lightness from such simple and gentle techniques in a short period of time.
  • Another client remarked, "I don’t know what you did, but that was amazing."

We treated over 400 people during the festival, giving them an opportunity to be deeply nurtured throughout their session with the additional nurturing details catered for, which included warm blankets, heated eye pillows and complimentary herbal tea to digest before or after their session.

People loved and openly appreciated the extra detail and care that had been provided to support their healing experience.

The person who hosted the opposite stall, came over and said that we were all working so consistently and had back-to-back sessions arriving at 8am and finishing after 7.30pm. He wondered how we did it as we didn’t appear to be tired. This highlights the commitment Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioners, as taught by Universal Medicine, have – knowing the way in which they live their lives and take care of themselves impacts on the quality of their healing and the support they are able to provide clients.

Our work comes from us as practitioners and therefore in every aspect of our day to day lives we have a responsibility to live in a way that not only honours ourselves but everyone else as well.

At the end of the 4-day festival another stand holder came up and gathered us together as she said she had something to share with our group. This lady shared that she was appreciative of all the healing support she received from her complimentary session the morning the festival opened and, that she was deeply touched by the love she felt from our stand and acknowledged that having that morning session was the saving grace that enabled her to make it through the day as an exhibitor at the festival. She expressed it was so deeply supportive that she had to come and express her thanks.

The consistent feedback received from clients after their sessions was how deeply relaxed they felt from their session.

Many people shared that they had never before experienced what they felt in their body during their Sacred Esoteric Healing session, and said that it was truly remarkable.

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  • By Katie Walls

    Katie is a sensitive soul, loving mother of three teenage children, wife and friend. Katie is a Universal Medicine therapies, complimentary medicine practitioner and Director of the Gentle Rhythms healing clinic in Sydney.