Offering Sacred Esoteric Healing at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane

Offering Sacred Esoteric Healing at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane

Early in 2014, a group of 18 Universal Medicine students, all EPA practitioners or student members* manned the Universal Medicine Therapies stall at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane.

Those who were practitioners – approximately half the group – offered back-to-back 20 minute, simple Sacred Esoteric Healing ‘mini sessions’ on tables and on chairs; the rest served tea to people passing by, ran the booking sheets, warmed eye pillows and spoke with those who stopped to see what was going on. It was a beautiful collaboration, with everyone pitching in with general duties as needed to cover breaks.

Over the course of the three days

350 people received what was for most, their first-ever taste of Sacred Esoteric Healing. For the majority of recipients the experience was a deep one. Many expressed feeling different, more relaxed; others were deeply moved as they experienced the re-connection to themselves; a few shed tears; all felt a positive change in some way.

As practitioners we know
Sacred Esoteric Healing is profoundly healing

Seeing the modality in action there that day was further testimony of this. Many who experienced sessions wondered how a few minutes on a table – or a stool (far less conducive to letting go) – could be so deeply felt, and in the midst of a busy festival where the emphasis lies not in and with the individual but elsewhere.

The re-connection received will resonate within all those who came, whether conscious of it or not; for others there has already been an immediate response in the form of bookings and enquiries at the UniMed Brisbane Clinic, where Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions are offered.

Something real was offered during this festival, as this interest confirms, it has been acknowledged and responded to.

*The EPA is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine.

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