“What would you change if you were the Bundeskanzlerin of Germany?”

“What would you change if you were the Bundeskanzlerin of Germany?”

This was the leading question Universal Medicine and Esoteric Women’s Health’s founding director Natalie Benhayon asked audiences when she presented the Livingness 1 workshop for the first time, in the prestigious Steigenberger Hotel in Cologne, Germany.

For those whose German might be a bit rusty, Bundeskanzlerin means prime minister, and through this simple question, participants could express what they were observing in daily life.

People became aware that there is no need to have the position of a Bundeskanzlerin to initiate change, but that every day each of us has the opportunity to bring in change into our direct social environment.

This is a key focus of these workshops, ably facilitated by Natalie Benhayon, to create a space where people can talk openly about what is going on in life and to ask the question of how are we actually living: how can we initiate true change in our own lives, and our communities.

It was interesting to note that the changes talked about at the workshop were not about a utopian vision of the perfect future, but more looking honestly at what is really needed to live true well-being.

Everybody talks about progress, development and growth, and how we are advancing, but when we allow ourselves to take a closer look, we have to admit that we are living in a way that is creating illness, disease and misery on multiple levels.

Meanwhile the human being has been parked outside of this progress and advancement, especially around technology, and a person’s well-being seems to be a forgotten territory.

Natalie Benhayon offered participants the opportunity to reflect on their own well-being, and examine if their lives seemed complicated or more straightforward and simple. She shared that often when our lives are complicated it can be from living from a set of beliefs, ideals or pictures about how life should be.

Through a simple exercise, the participants got to experience the difference of what it means to live from beliefs and ideals or from our inner-heart and inner truth; a cardio-centric Livingness based on our sixth sense, our ability to feel first.

Participants had the opportunity to go deeper; to see that a life without complexity and exhaustion is possible, that in its simplicity and clarity does not follow any lifestyle ideals but brings us back to a place where all that we need is already there – to ourselves.

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