A view to understanding self-care for men

A view to understanding self-care for men

Nico van Haastrecht – Electrical Engineer
In this video Nico discusses what is his definition of self-care for men, and how he applies it in all aspects of his life.

Andrew Mooney – Physiotherapist
In this video Andrew discusses that self-care to him is being aware of his connection to his body on a daily basis. He also explores self-care for men in today’s society.

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  • By Andrew Mooney, Chartered Physiotherapist, Complementary Health Practitioner, Researcher and Presenter.

    I am fascinated and endlessly curious about the human body and the magic and order of how it works and moves. I am equally fascinated by people and discovering the common elements that make us all one human family.

  • By Nico van Haastrecht, Electrical Engineer, Esoteric healing practitioner, Coach for technical professionals, writer / editor.

    I am a man returning to a way of living that is so naturally to me in which I rediscover the delicateness I am and in everything around me and that that is what I in turn bring in everything that I do.