In this audio, men discuss the tendency of males to engage in small talk to initiate conversations around topics such as sport, work, politics, cars etc. It is rare for men to raise issues that affect them directly, or the person/s they are communicating with, without fear of rejection.

Critical issues that are relevant to men such as Men’s health, depression or relationships are normally off limits. It is important for men to understand that expressing something about their own experiences will also allow other men to feel secure in discussing issues that directly impact them. A genuine interest in other men and their lives can be the catalyst to allow men to expand the level of conversation to provide an opportunity for all participants to evolve and establish more meaningful connections.

‘Listen up Men –
Our greatest form of communication is our ability to constantly be caring in everything that we do.’

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, p 477

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  • By Mark Gavioli, Finance Director

    Married with seven adult children, enjoys the simple things in life such as cooking a lovely meal for family and friends. Committed to exploring better ways to live as a man in all my relationships as a husband, father and friend.

  • By Richard Mills

  • By Stephen, Health & Fitness Teacher

    Stephen has worked in health promotion for his career of 15 years across both the public and private sectors. He works with clients of all ages and levels to make fitness about wellness.

  • Photography: Cameron Martin, Video and Photography