The inner nature of men

The inner nature of men

Are there ideals of how we should be as a man? And do such ideals affect the way men are as they grow up and take their place in the world.

Rachel Mascord interviews Stephen Gammack and James Stanfield, two men who have busted some of these ideals of what it means to be a man today. Without solid role modelling the trio explore how expression, openness and sensitivity lock up across the board in men.

Stephen and James share their personal experiences on subjects such as misogyny, anxiety and depression and how they broke away from the typical cultures that kept their true selves hidden. Both men speak eloquently about how they smashed the beliefs of needing to be closed off and hardened, to now living free from stereotypes of what it means to be a man in the world.

A wonderfully practical topic yet rarely spoken about with such depth – the inner nature of men – this audio is a must for men of all ages interested in giving permission to the parts of themselves often considered nullified, that in truth make up their most powerful attributes.

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  • By James Stanfield , Qualified Cartographer, Survey Draftsman, Small Business owner for over 25 years

    I do not blindly follow, I need to feel and discern everything for myself before making a decision about my life. I have a huge desire for fairness and equality.

  • By Stephen Gammack, Health & Fitness Teacher

    Stephen has worked in health promotion for his career of 15 years across both the public and private sectors. He works with clients of all ages and levels to make fitness about wellness.

  • By Dr Rachel Mascord, Dentist, writer and observer of life

  • Photography: Matt Paul