Rachael Kane – 'In Full Bloom' album review

Rachael Kane – 'In Full Bloom' album review

Rachael Kane – 'In Full Bloom' album review

Melbourne based singer songwriter Rachael Kane is gracing the airwaves once again with a new album In Full Bloom, a collection of beautifully crafted tracks that move from catchy guitar/synth pop tunes to sexy funky power grooves and delicate spacious ballads – all held together as warm invitations to stop and ponder life’s big questions.

From the opening track ‘My Love you were right here all along’ you get a sense of a woman who knows who she is and is claiming it big time: ”I have to let all this beauty inside me show, there’s no way I could ever hold it back”.

This theme is consistent throughout the album, stepped up in ‘Powerhouse’, a sassy anthem delivered with crystal clear, unadorned vocals that present self-love and appreciation as the ingredients of a strong and sexy woman. A cheeky little 'ooh' backing vocal will have you looking for it after the first listen and singing along.

Rachael’s ability to have delicacy and power sit so equally and abundantly in this record is striking. When listening to ‘How Beautiful You Are’ and ‘It’s Possible’, Rachael’s voice wraps around, caresses, touches you gently. Supported by spacious, carefully considered production, no sound competes or crowds for attention which, unusual in contemporary pop records, leaves space for you, the listener, to settle in and be with each song.

A collaboration with Rachael’s husband Benjamin Hurt, the couple played and produced In Full Bloom from their home studio before work each day. Picture this… the dark quiet of early morning, bass lines recorded in cosy dressing gowns, a slippered foot tapping out the groove to a guitar riff, and the big family dog laying at Rachael’s feet while she records vocals, all over steaming cups of tea and before sunrise. How deliciously un-rock….

In Full Bloom is a truly beautiful record and lives up to its album title in the full, claimed, and open offering that it is. The first listen you’re curious, the second, you’re paying close attention, every listen after that, you’re in love!

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  • By Tina Kopa, Singer / Songwriter