Ariel Muntelwit

Who is Natalie Benhayon?

Natalie is one of the many women I know who really lets her beauty radiate, her awesomeness show; her playfulness, her joy, her grace, her depth, her love, her walk, her tenderness, and everything about her – she lets the world see. Natalie is a powerful woman!

She might seem like the most ‘atypical’ woman to some but the truth is, she just lives who she is, and not very many young women live that way nowadays.

Natalie has a way of sharing with the world that there is lot more to us than what meets the human eye. She lives a very normal life like us all; she works, she eats, sleeps - all of the normal things, however she chooses to live a quality of life where she is loving with everyone, she is open with everyone and she expresses how she feels and does not hold back at all.

There is a sense of freedom in the way Natalie lives. As if the way the world is, the way people are and the challenges life presents don’t decide for her how she will be - she chooses to stay with herself, and to live from the inside out. A choice we all have the ability to make.

Natalie is a great presenter, she goes up on stage and presents how she lives such a joyful life and inspires women and men to realise it is very simple to choose the same for ourselves too. Natalie doesn’t hold herself as better then anyone; she knows we all have something amazing inside us. She has reconnected with the love and joy we are all naturally born with.

Natalie is a living inspiration to me and I know many more people have chosen to live a more loving, joyful life since meeting Natalie Benhayon. Living from the love that is inside us all, this is now what I choose and I thank Natalie so much for showing me my potential.