Serryn O’Regan

I first met Natalie Benhayon when she was about 16. In the few years following I watched her transform into an extraordinary young woman. This woman is ageless - at all of 25, she has a strength of presence and knowing that many women my age (twice hers) would only dream of.

So how did/does she do it?

Natalie embodies a level of devotion and dedication to living as her true self – to a degree that is most unusual in today's world.

In a day and age when most people are so checked out and given up, when you meet Natalie, you get her all. And I mean all -- Natalie knows exactly who she is -- very rare in anyone these days -- and she does not hold back in letting that be seen, all whilst holding you as an absolute equal - so that you can feel that you too are exactly the same.

She is a role model to countless women worldwide, who have been inspired by her willingness to be cheeky, sassy, and wise, all within the great strength of a woman who stays as herself no matter what. When most women are masters at being what everyone else wants, leaving themselves aside (at great cost), Natalie is the reflection of the fact that being just you is all you ever need. In fact, she lives consistently that way - which gives her an enormous strength of presence.

Looking at Natalie, you can see for a fact that a true woman is most certainly not hard - she knows she is sacred, deeply feminine, nurturing and with a wisdom and depth of inner-beauty that all women have - but don't live.

Natalie shows women that it can be done - and to that, and the fact that women young and old can see that and are inspired by her to let the true woman out, I take my hat off.