The making of The Woman I Am

The making of The Woman I Am

In 2014, Michael Benhayon of Glorious Music released the album ‘Heaven is in your Eyes’, a compilation of rock, pop and more genres and sounds. Track 4, The Woman I Am, inspired by the many women in Michael’s life, and on behalf of all women, is a song every woman in the world should hear. Its melody is soothing yet powerful and is married with lyrics that leave no stone left unturned in its description of all the wonders a woman truly is.

When the song was first presented to Natalie Benhayon in draft, at the Glorious Music Studios, it was an instant no-brainer that a video clip must accompany this song. It was decided then and there that the essence of all women would be captured through a visual representation of the song.

The media has a tendency to sexualise women and create a climate of comparison and jealousy where women are valued because of their sexual appeal (particularly within music videos). We are given images every day in various forms of media that show “what women are”. For this reason it was very important for the Glorious Music team to honour the message of ‘The Woman I Am’ through its video production, challenging the current trend.

The making of ‘The Woman I Am’ was an in-depth production of planning and preparing. We brought together many women who volunteered for the project knowing the importance of the message we wanted to bring.

Since its release 'The Woman I Am' has reached far and wide, touching many women globally. It has been translated and sung in German, as ‘Die Wunder in Mir’. In October 2014, women and men in Germany came together to produce a video to accompany the German counterpart.

View the original video clip below.