Obvious questions that are not being asked by us about our behaviour.

Do you remember being full of questions when you were a little child? Or having a young child in your family who was always asking "Why?"

Often those innocent questions are spot-on and shine a bright light on things about our behaviour and our world that need addressing, or important things that we have been taking for granted and remaining ignorant about.

Knowing truth, and wanting to understand what is and is not true, is science, and we are all born to it.

But somewhere along the way as we grow up we lose our 'inner scientist' and stop asking questions, seemingly losing our interest in constantly assessing what is true and not true.

What about the questions our inner scientists could ask as adults? For me there are many 'obvious' questions about the way we live our lives, questions that are not being asked, or at least, not being given deep, honest answers. There is a great deal to be explored in asking and answering questions that are obvious. It’s very scientific, and not stupid at all! Here are just a few on my 'list of obvious questions' that I feel are being ignored by humanity, to our detriment.

  • Why do we consume poison?
  • Why do humans frequently or even consistently consume things that we know are toxic to us?
  • And why do we put so much energy into defending our consumption of those toxins when we all innately know that they are bad for us?

For any cell or organism or species to actively seek out and consume anything that is toxic to them, is manifestly abnormal. Living organisms have an innate intelligence about what is good for them and what is bad for them.

The exceptions to the 'eat no toxins' principle are special cases where the toxin (e.g. a pharmaceutical drug or other medicinal substance) is used wisely and precisely as medicine for a specific health reason for an appropriate time; and in situations where animals eat an unfamiliar toxic plant that has been brought into their habitat by humans.

And except dogs, who seem to often be almost as undiscerning as humans when it comes to foods and liquids that are bad for them!

The common examples of toxins we humans willingly consume are alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sucrose and fructose (the sugars in cane, maple, palm, agave, honey, corn, rice, etc), theobromine (in cocoa, chocolate, tea, coca cola), cannabis and all other illegal recreational drugs, as well as solvents, pharmaceutical drugs, food additives, etc. Why do we continue to 'need' to consume these poisons?

  • Why do we ignore energy?
  • Why is it that most scientists and in fact most of humanity, ignore energy as the principal factor in everything, including our consciousness and therefore our choices?
  • Why do we continue to behave as if we, life and the universe are principally material, instead of being caused by energy and motivated by energy?

For nearly a century now modern science has known that everything is energy. The atoms and sub-atomic particles that comprise all material things in the universe, including living beings, are essentially intensities in energy fields with electromagnetic and quantum properties. All the processes and behaviours of matter are movements of energy. All of our technology is based on energy too – even the clunkiest mechanical device only works because of moving energy. Why are we not living the truth that everything is because of energy?

When we put these two big questions together, we get another big question. And that is:

Why don’t we ask ourselves these two important questions?

Given what we know of energy, of our living cells, DNA and tissues, and of our essential oneness with all, why is there a persistent, global denial of evident truths, bias and distortion of research, a discrediting of anyone who dares to question the existing paradigm, as generally we go on separating and poisoning ourselves and the planet, not questioning the energy that governs our choices?

  • It is very basic that all humans breathe one atmosphere, drink from one connected body of water, and eat food grown in one giant soil ecosystem that is in constant interplay with the air and water.
  • It is very basic that all humans have DNA, cells and tissues, which require certain conditions of that air, water and soil for healthy operation, in common with all other living things on earth including the ones we have to eat.
  • It is very basic that everything is energy, because of energy, and connected by energy.
  • It is very basic that life is meant to be a joyful, healthy, co-operative, one-truth venture, not based on fear, separation, competition or comparison.

And yet, in spite of this, there is large-scale suppression of the real truth about:

  • the poisoning of our bodies and our environment
  • the dangers of tampering with DNA and the genetics of life on Earth
  • the manipulation of medicine by pharmaceutical corporations and political interests
  • the manipulation of agriculture by toxic chemical companies
  • the use of the media to control and separate humanity with lies and fear
  • the fact that our lives and consciousness are from and by energy

Recently I saw a science fiction film about a consortium of the mega-rich who built a giant luxurious satellite 'world' and put it in orbit around Earth. They did this to preserve their desirable lifestyle and live away from all the pollution, sickness and misery of humanity. But they still depended on resources from Earth (e.g. food, raw materials, manufactured goods) and thus chose to enslave the Earth's population to provide them. So the satellite dwellers were basically continuing to create for the rest of humanity the awful life they themselves had escaped from. And they ruled by fear and suppression.

Is this film a metaphor for what's happening in the world now?

Is there a program of suppression of truth in order to favour a minority over the wellbeing of all humanity?

And are we all complicit in that program by continuing to live in little bubbles of denial and not honestly asking the big questions?

"What consciousness do we allow ourselves to be aligned with that has created this imprisonment on Earth? Who propagates it and who wields it over us? Who is free from it and what is freedom from it truly like?"

Serge Benhayon A Treatise on Consciousness

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  • By Dianne Trussell, BSc(Hons); 17 years in medical and biological research, co-author of 12 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

    Science is the love of my life, and for me it confirms Divine beauty, intelligence, and wisdom. I’ve always felt science to be one with philosophy, religion, art, and music, part of the oneness I feel with everything.

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