Presentations delivered equally for all

I work as a nurse, specialising in Palliative Care.

I remember wanting to ask Serge Benhayon about something specific about palliative care during break time at a workshop Serge was presenting. The most beautiful thing was that Serge answered my very question during the presentation, without me even uttering a word. This brought tears to my eyes as I realised that this was needed for everyone, not just for my own interest and learning. He knows exactly what is needed for everyone who is present on the day and it is delivered equally to all, without favour to anyone or any group, or so-called level of intelligence.

There is so much to love about being at a presentation delivered by Serge Benhayon.

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  • By Jennifer Smith, RN, B Nursing, Spec Cert Pall Care

    Jennifer works as a full-time palliative care nurse and loves it. She’s passionate about the way self-care and self-nurturing influences the way she cares for and supports others and how it provides a solid foundation for her to work from.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd