From toughness to openness – a man’s story

In a session that I had with Serge Benhayon in 2000 he asked me about the work I did. I spoke about being a bricklayer and the toughness and hardness I had to be in to work and survive in this industry, and how I struggled to connect with people.

Serge very simply stated “You are a very sensitive man and you feel this. To go into ‘the toughness’ is to dull you”.

It was a light bulb moment! I remember feeling the truth of it, thinking wow, I don’t have to be that way. I remember my body very calmly registering that was it! I could feel the tenderness in me and realised how I didn’t have to go into toughness to relate to people, especially men.

It was the first time I heard a man speak truthfully to another man and express that it is okay to feel, which allowed me to feel the gentleness in me.

All those years ago when I heard this it made so much sense. It made sense then and still is true to this day as I live this way more and more.

By really taking in what Serge presented to me and putting this into practice, I started to share more of myself with other men in conversations that we would have at work, rather than just the day-to-day superficial talk. I started to talk more about how I felt. I found this allowed other men to share how they felt and in doing this it made the relationships more open and real.

From this very simple reading from Serge Benhayon I’ve come to understand that if I’m willing to connect and be open with myself, then it is no effort to connect with others and I no longer miss out on the beauty that any relationship offers.

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  • By Mark Twist, Bricklayer

    A man who sees life very simple, a lover of the world and all who live within it. I love life, getting to meet people through my work is the best thing about my job.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd