During the first couple of years after meeting Serge Benhayon I came to realise there was a PhD study about self-care to undertake. Serge Benhayon presented in a number of Universal Medicine Courses & Workshops that self-care was fundamental to health and well-being, and more so that it is innately something we all know. From the inspiration of these workshops, the intention to undertake a PhD study was born. In the first few months after starting the PhD, whilst having a personal development session with Serge Benhayon, I was also deeply inspired by this quote that Serge had shared in an email to me:

"The true delivery of service begins first by delivering that same service to self in every way, and to all others by the same manner that are within the group, before any organisation can truly serve."

Serge Benhayon

This inspiration took my breath away in that I could feel the truth of it in every bone in my body. It offered me a solid platform from which to start to clarify the curiosities and questions for the PhD study. The inspiration that the quote offered was to consider serving self (i.e. taking care of yourself) first, before serving others (i.e. before we offer our services to our clients, patients, customers, whatever the services are). This then formulated the key research question for the PhD study, which was: How is Self-Care at Work Developed?

This reading became the golden nugget upon which the whole PhD was studied and written.

After six years of methodical and rigorous study, the 110 research participants and myself, the researcher, not only realised the truth of this reading, we also found ourselves sharing this reading with others in our work as it turned the traditional ‘customer service’ theories and ideals on their head.

Traditionally, customer service is about giving your all to others, going the extra mile, without consideration of yourself. The study confirmed that by bringing yourself into the equation, and that you matter at work, the quality of the customer care (or the quality of services offered) improved immeasurably – because when you take care of yourself, you have the vitality and a sense of self worth that provides a solid platform from which to go the extra mile in a way that is not draining or depleting.

Seven years on from this reading and I still use it every single day in my work in hospitals and universities. It is core to all work, in all work places, and yet, when it is presented, it is something that shakes everyone to the bone in that they too realise the enormity of it – that self-care matters, you matter, and that it underpins the quality of our work, whatever work we do.

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  • By Jane Keep , Phd, MPhil, MSc, FCIPD, MIC Cmgr, FCMI

    Our health and nurturance are fundamental at work and in life. Work is medicine – I love work and the daily learning it brings. I love people, nature and being in the world. And I’m learning to love how nourishing taking responsibility is.