Reading by Serge Benhayon for Nicola Lessing about learning to observe and not absorb life

Below is an abbreviated version of an email message between my husband Christoph and Serge Benhayon in relation to increasing attacks of Supra Ventricular Tachycardia that I was having in April 2005: Christoph sent the following email to Serge ...

“Hi Serge, Nicky is getting more and more susceptible to her fast and irregular heartbeat. She got an attack at work right now, 4:37pm Monday, and hopes she doesn’t have to go to hospital.”

Serge replied within an hour as follows:

"Overall, Nicky needs to let go more of all that she carries ... it is too much for one set of shoulders to absorb; which brings me to the real problem, which is her ability to absorb and inability to observe with much greater detachment ... whilst I have observed that this has improved it needs to be at a much greater level ... this is coupled by the fact that she is also discarding very much as her soul is moving closer to her."

Serge Benhayon

Around the time Serge received and replied to my husband’s message I felt an expansion in my body and my heart settled down – and this was before I knew that Christoph had sent Serge a message and that he had replied.

In my 20s and 30s I had visited many new age “healers” because of an inner angst. The sessions I received had – to a certain extent – relieved the outer symptoms but (unbeknownst to me at the time) this was achieved by burying the underlying issue further into my body, which really made things much worse. I carried a level of remorse about those choices and felt somewhat weighed down by what I had absorbed.

On reading the message that ‘my soul was moving closer to me and that I was discarding much’ I felt a great release, joy and healing all at the same time! Serge was spot on as I was always very sensitive and would feel and take everything including other people’s emotions and issues into my body, and it was making me sick.

Serge presented a lot around this time about observing and not absorbing life and his email helped me to be aware that it was a core issue for me so I paid particular attention. The observing and not absorbing lesson is one that still applies to me, and the message from nine years ago remains current.

Over the last nine years that I have been living what was offered in this reading my life has totally transformed. On a physical level I have lost over 20kg in weight and am now super healthy and with a level of vitality I could not have even imagined in the past.

I also have the great joy of connecting to my husband and everyone else on a much deeper and more loving level. For example, I always had an urge to “help” people but my past ways of “helping” used to involve my absorbing their emotions. Despite my good intentions I discovered that this kind of “help” was actually harmful to all concerned and not helpful at all.

Now I am able to connect to and share with others in a non-emotional and non-absorbing way which is really lovely. Recently I observed that that word “serving” is actually sitting there in the word “ob-serving”; I had a good chuckle and felt how very apt that is!

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  • By Nicola Lessing, Company Director

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