Reading by Serge Benhayon – Amina Tumi : How ‘the body is the marker of all truth’

The impact that this reading – that 'the Body is the marker of all Truth' – given by Serge Benhayon at the Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 2 course I attended in June 2010 in the UK – has had on my life, is nothing short of a total miracle.

What I have taken away from this reading is that the body is directly affected by the way we live and that our day-to-day actions either do or do not support the body. For example, the body is supported by living lovingly or playfully, but its well-being is undermined by living stressfully or emotionally. The way we live hugely impacts the choices that we make for our bodies, and therefore the body cannot but be the marker of all truth as it has experienced everything we have chosen.

My health and well-being have been transformed, as well as the way I work – and continue to do so as I develop my relationship with my body and listen to what it needs on a day-to-day basis. I have found that keeping things simple, for example, eating when I feel hungry, resting when I feel tired, listening when I feel I need to go to bed, has been huge when it comes to re-establishing a relationship with my body.

Up until I had the reading with Serge Benhayon I lived a very stressful life with much anxiety daily. I paid little to no attention to my body and what it was communicating to me, and now that I do pay attention to this and live accordingly I can say that I feel amazing and have never felt healthier. I am able to enjoy life in every way.

Simple choices can have a massive impact...

I did not expect that these simple choices would also impact those around me or that they would notice such changes in me. Yet the way I am living has impacted on those around me by inspiring them to also make changes.

The people I work with continue to talk about the ongoing changes they also are making to look after their health and well-being, and how this has transformed their lives.

My clients have also been making huge changes in their lives. When they walk into my salon they are now smiling – they talk about ways they have been looking after their hair and how much they now enjoy doing this: they also express more about the life-style changes they are making. One client even gave up smoking and said he decided this after his last hair cut.

The thing that stood out to me most about Serge’s reading was the body’s important role in showing us how we are living. Becoming aware of and re-connecting to my body instead of ignoring it helped me to be able to directly have a relationship with myself, something that I had so clearly not done or even knew that I could do. The connection with my body was the missing link. Up until this point I had seen life as something I had to survive, as something to get through.

Since I have been developing a strong relationship with myself I have found that life is something to enjoy in every way; it is not something to just ‘get through’.

The more I listen to my body and truly care for myself, the more I naturally take care of everyone around me. I am able to see a situation with fresh eyes, so to speak, and not tired, stressed ones. And the more I care for myself, the more I inspire those around me to truly care for themselves.

This reading runs very deep for me and is and will be an ongoing development for the rest of my life.

  • By Amina Tumi, Business Woman, Hair & Beauty Salon Owner, Hair & Beauty Consultant

    I am a dedicated worker, I love connecting with others and find that developing the way in which I work, i.e. the quality I work, has supported me in life beyond measure.