There are many more famous men than Serge Benhayon on our planet right now, in fact outwith* the relatively small number of people who study his work, a few dipping their toe in his philosophy and a handful of detractors and errant journalists, he would be considered relatively unknown, but in times to come, we will come to know the work, life and times of Serge Benhayon as one of the greatest teachers our world has seen. Of that I have no doubt; nothing has ever been clearer.

History has shown us that the true world teachers only received recognition and understanding of their great message after their lives had passed. Which makes it fortunate for those who are currently listening and fully engaging with his phenomenal life force (or should that be love force). But in truth everyone has, and will have, access to his wisdom long after he has passed, as this era has the technology and the insight to record his offerings.

But how to describe it? Have you ever been captivated, listening with such intent and soaking in every word? Have you been transported beyond your own life to an expansive potential we are all part of. Have you been in a room of 300 and felt like the speaker was addressing you personally? He is, and he isn’t equally. Have you ever felt like your whole body has changed just from the intangible energy of a room wrapped up in words full of love, intelligence and purpose? If you’ve been in the room when Serge Benhayon is presenting one of his courses or retreats then you may understand this feeling.

Throughout these events there is a level of inspiration that is hard to convey in words. You are literally transported to the heart of your own soul, the dimension Serge teaches from, where all the infinite wisdom of the Universe resides. And you feel it vibrate in your body – it is undeniable, multi-dimensional and beyond the measure of human intelligence as we know it.

It’s a download beyond scope, mainly ignored, sometimes ridiculed by the mainstream for now, but recorded and ready for when the masses re-awaken. The depth, scale and volume of work being produced is all done in preparation for a time when science catches up with Serge, when sources of energy are proven and life is understood on a scale beyond our current narrow focus.

To be taught by a World Teacher is only about the lessons you transport and learn in your own life. You can’t be told what to do, you have to forge your own experiences and tap into your own source of wisdom and intelligence.

A World Teacher does this by giving us the grace to fall, drag our heels, miss the message and repeat our mistakes.

Serge Benhayon is the current World Teacher, one of the greatest teachers we will all come to know, because what he is teaching is timeless, relevant to everyone, and being proven to be true in every instance he raises his head above the parapet to share the knowledge and predict an outcome, which is gratefully often.

*outwith preposition SCOTTISH outside; beyond.

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  • By Stephen, Health & Fitness Teacher

    Stephen has worked in health promotion for his career of 15 years across both the public and private sectors. He works with clients of all ages and levels to make fitness about wellness.

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