Serge Benhayon – Man of Medicine

Serge Benhayon does not have any formal medical qualifications and therefore you may be wondering why a surgeon like myself is calling him a Man of Medicine?

I understand the question and it is not lightly that I use this terminology but with a full understanding of the meaning of the word ‘medicine’ and many years experience of Serge Benhayon presenting on the human body, health, illness and disease from an energetic perspective.

The word medicine is derived from the latin ‘ars medicina’ and means ‘the art of healing’. I have come to discover there is much more to the ‘art of healing’, to medicine, than what I was taught at medical school. Whilst the scientific, technological and pharmaceutical aspects of medicine have advanced considerably, our ability to administer the ‘art of healing’ has not kept pace.

Modern Medicine has kept focussed on the body and mind predominantly and has largely ignored the other dimensions of the human being; it is this fragmented understanding and approach to understanding illness and disease that has kept medicine capped as the whole human being is not being considered. Plato stated ‘for the part can never be well unless the whole is well’ – a truth that modern medicine has largely ignored.

It is in this true ‘art of healing’ that I consider Serge Benhayon to be an expert – to be a Man of Medicine – for he takes into consideration the whole human being and not just parts or fragments of it. He has, in my opinion, an unparalleled understanding of the human body and how it works at the energetic level, which takes into consideration all dimensions of the human being and how the different parts interact. From a medical point of view, he is a man ahead of his time as the understandings he presents are well beyond the current paradigm of mainstream medical teaching and thinking.

In my view, he is presenting today the medicine of the future – when it will be commonplace to accept that as human beings we are energetic beings first and foremost. Therefore it makes sense to understand life, illness and disease at the level of energy first if we are to truly address the root cause of illness and disease and bring forth true healing.

Modern medicine is still firmly stuck in the physical... but we are now in the age of energy and information and with that comes the paradigm of understanding the body as a vehicle of energy and information, with energetic anatomy and physiology and how illness and disease exist in energy before they are in matter. Serge Benhayon is for me irrefutably a Master of the Energetic Sciences of the body and of life, and thus can assist people to heal by explaining the root cause of their condition and how to heal and make choices based on true self-care and self-love.

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Universal Medicine

There is a universal form of medicine for humanity.

Through Serge I have come to understand that how we live our lives every day is Medicine, and can be good medicine or bad medicine depending on the choices we make.

Everything from the food/drink we ingest, to how we are at work, our emotional state, the exercise we perform, the way we walk and even breathe – everything can be done with a quality that is either good medicine and healing or bad medicine and toxic for the human body. The rise[1] in recognised lifestyle related disease affirms that how we live our lives, the choices we make, are crucially important. The depths to which we can truly self-care and develop self-love are endless and Serge Benhayon has been a pioneer of this way of living – which for him is just normal as he lives it every day.

However, whenever new understandings are presented they are commonly rejected, dismissed, ignored or ridiculed before they one day, become ‘the way it is’. The fact that these understandings are being presented by a man with no formal medical qualifications only increases the resistance and scepticism of the medical fraternity. All of which I understand, having been part of that way of thinking myself. I arrogantly held the view that no one outside of those with formal medical qualifications could possibly know anything worth knowing about the human body, illness and disease, and all were usually dismissed as some kind of quack or charlatan. Of course we need to be discerning about every practitioner and modality and I am not here endorsing an ‘anything goes’ approach to health-care, far from it.

So what is different now and what is different about Serge Benhayon?

My own experiences in healthcare have taught me that whilst Western Medicine is great and much needed, it does not have all the answers to people’s ills. I have come to appreciate and know without a shred of doubt that there is much more to us than just flesh, blood and bone and that if we are to develop a more complete understanding of illness and disease we must have an understanding of the whole human being that is all encompassing, with awareness of how the different aspects interact and interrelate. It is thanks to Serge Benhayon and the teachings he presents that such understanding is available to us today. I have found these understandings to be empowering and transformative and to make sense when all is taken into consideration. Not only that, but when lived they bring about a true difference in health and wellbeing, as experienced by myself and many others – a true testimony and lived evidence of the truth of the teachings. These understandings are complementary to and offer an expansion to the Western Medicine approach – an approach that is also supported and endorsed by Serge Benhayon.

Serge Benhayon walks the talk; he lives what he presents and this can be felt and known. He speaks from the wisdom of his own body and so it comes with that authority and knowing rather than from learned or regurgitated facts. For sure I was challenged initially by some of the understandings Serge presented which were at variance with or going beyond my medical training or current understanding at the time. I was the doubting Thomas who sat at the front hammering Serge with question after question relentlessly for years – I did not just accept everything he said but challenged him and time after time his response would assuage the doubt and provide an expansion of the understanding that made sense. Not only that, but I also had the lived experience of esoteric healing within my own body and life and the results of applying the teachings in my life, or not, as the case may be.

The evidence to me became clear – this man knows a thing or two about the human body and living life that are well worth not just knowing, but living.

What he knows and presents is based on the science of love, encompassing timeless truths that have been espoused by sages throughout time – the fact that we are love, that love heals, that God is love and we are all Sons of God – but as we do not live these truths then we get to experience the consequences of walking a different path.

Serge expands on these truths to make them real, tangible and relevant to life, health and healing today – where they are not just empty words or trite phrases but come with a depth and richness of all encompassing wisdom that can only be borne by one who truly knows.

All of this and much more has led me to conclude that Serge Benhayon is a Man of Medicine, a man who knows the true art of healing, whose words of wisdom melt the bodily tension and inner discontent and are a salve to the being. A man who knows that whilst we are in need of healing we are also paradoxically already healed.


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  • By Dr Eunice Minford, MBChB MA Dipl Clin Ed FRCS Ed

    Eunice Minford works as a Consultant General Surgeon. She has trained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor and has an MA in Applied Spirituality.

  • Photography: Natalie Hawthorne

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