Serge Benhayon – Inspirational Teacher

Serge Benhayon – Inspirational Teacher

Serge Benhayon – Inspirational Teacher

Serge's way in life and his way as a teacher has been the most profound inspiration for me in how I live my life on an everyday basis.

He is a teacher to so many yet never have I heard him be dictatorial or imposing. He shares enormous wisdom yet never have I felt him make himself more than another. He lives what he teaches and this is felt through the way he speaks and the graceful ease and flow in his body ... yet never have I felt this in any other 'teacher' I have come across. What I have learned has taken me to a whole new depth in my relationship with myself, and therefore with others.

I have learnt about love and what it truly means: that never is it going to be something that I am given because it is what I already am. I have learnt how to feel my way through life by connecting with my body and listening deeply. I have learned that there is a depth of wisdom within me that I wouldn't have considered before I met him.

Serge has such an incredible consistency with life, an unwavering knowing of who he is, and such a deep love of people that he emanates absolute truth from every cell in his body.

This man is a true teacher, one that humanity needs to study carefully ... for this is the way of the future ... his is the way for us all ... for we are all teachers in this world.

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  • By Sara Harris, Bachelor Health Science (TCM) (Hons), Graduate Diploma Counselling, Diploma Remedial Massage, Natural Fertility Education

    Sara has a strong interest in girls and women's health and wellbeing. She works from her established complementary medicine clinic in Melbourne, Living Stillness and is the founder of The Girl to Woman Project.