Serge Benhayon – a true man

Having known Serge Benhayon for 17 years and watched him over these many years, what I have come to see is the consistency in him that is never watered down.

Serge meets each and every person in the same way. I’ve seen Serge with barristers and I’ve seen him with garage attendants… the same love and care is there for both.

Serge speaks the language of truth and when you get to meet him you know this, it’s something that no one else has been clear and game enough to say; he doesn’t water down conversations, nor is he about small talk – sure he can talk about the weather but it’s not just “Isn’t it a lovely day outside”, it’s “How is the day and what is it bringing to this conversation?”

There aren’t many people I know who tell you how it is when you’re running hurt, angry or scared and wanting to blame the world. Serge has shown what holding really means; that it’s not getting caught in another’s drama but rather feeling what is not being said or is being held back, and supporting the individual to understand that, whatever it may be.

Serge Benhayon is a man’s man and a true man: he embodies tenderness, sacredness, sensitivity, love and strength and he brings that and more to each and everyone he meets.

Serge has shown me over all these years that living this way isn’t special or only for a privileged few, but that when lived consistently, we get the opportunity to really feel the true strength of a man.

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  • By Mark Twist, Bricklayer

    A man who sees life very simple, a lover of the world and all who live within it. I love life, getting to meet people through my work is the best thing about my job.