Serge Benhayon – teacher, presenter, philosopher, healer and friend

Serge Benhayon – Teacher, Presenter, Philosopher, Healer and Friend

Serge Benhayon – teacher, presenter, philosopher, healer and friend

In pondering on what I would write about Serge Benhayon I found it difficult to know whether to write about him as the great friend he is, the teacher, presenter, philosopher or healer, as these expressions are all present in equal measures any time I speak to Serge, or hear him present.

I first met Serge Benhayon at a Universal Medicine retreat in Vietnam in 2009 – this changed my life. Admittedly I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. My wife had seen some presentations from Serge, had sessions with some Universal Medicine trained practitioners, and had shared her experiences with me. She said that she wanted to go to a Universal Medicine retreat in Vietnam and I suggested that we could go on a holiday there together and that I could do the retreat and if I didn’t like it I would just leave the retreat part and hang out on the beach.

The principles presented at the retreat resonated so deeply I attended the whole retreat and since have attended many retreats, presentations and heard Serge speak on innumerable topics and had individual and group healing sessions with him. I have sought advice from him on many issues from the very practical to the more philosophical. I have celebrated birthdays, and weddings with him as well.

Serge was like no man I had ever met before, and yet, he was like every man I had ever met.

Physically he looked no different to any other man; he didn’t wear different clothes, he wasn’t adorned with jewels and riches – he didn’t levitate! When he spoke to me he treated me as though we had known each other our entire life. He was completely present when talking with me – he wasn’t trying to impress me, wasn’t trying to show off, wasn’t trying to establish his expertise in a subject matter. In short, he didn’t want anything from me. Nothing – just Serge being all that he is and nothing less than that.

To me, Serge is an amazing friend, presenter, teacher, philosopher and practitioner. I find it hard to express in words how this man has changed my life. How he makes everything so simple. He has been an inspiration and a role model to me and many other men. People have described him as the real deal; Serge Benhayon is definitely the real deal. Serge has absolute integrity there is nothing in him that would take advantage of any person or situation for personal gain or satisfaction.

One of the most beautiful things about Serge is that he shows us what is possible if we live and express in the fullness of who we are and that we are all equal in that fullness.

Serge Benhayon is an inspiration and shining light to me and many men.

  • By Lee Poole, RN, RM, NP, BH(Nurs), GradCertMgt, GradCert Emergency Nursing, GradDip Midwifery, MNursing, MNPractS

    I am a registered nurse, midwife and nurse practitioner. My life is about health and wellness, my own and that of the people I serve.