Walking with the World Teacher

In Hoi An, Vietnam 2018, my husband and I had a wedding celebration with many international guests. On this day, I had the honour of walking ‘the aisle’ with Serge Benhayon.

I asked Serge to walk with me on this occasion, as to me Serge Benhayon is the absolute role model of true relationships.

He makes his life about people and treats all with absolute respect and honour. I observe how harmonious, fun and loving he is with his wife, ex-wife, children, grandchildren, students of Universal Medicine from all around the world and people on the street. He has set a world benchmark on what life is about – our true medicine in life being the quality of relationships we hold with ourselves and all others.

I have come to know I am not anyone’s property to be “given away” to my husband. I decided to walk with Serge on this day with the knowing that he is a man in my life who has consistently reflected what love is and that constellated relationships can offer us the opportunity to live more love. Serge represents to me a role model of someone living who they are. He shows that men can be tender and honouring of women and teaches that women don’t need to sell out or lessen their standards, but can live their truth. He shows that children no matter their age are equal to others, and know and sense a lot.

I will always remember my walk with Serge as we walked towards our 180+ guests. The walk itself lasted only a couple minutes, but had a lasting impression on me.

As we walked, I thanked Serge for walking by my side and he humbly and sincerely replied “It is my pleasure Annie”. I felt nervous walking towards so many people, and with many eyes on me. Serge gently suggested I slow down my pace and settle into my body. He said “You lead Annie and I will follow you”. I adjusted my movements and instantly felt an authority in my body and this wasn’t about being better or higher than anyone but knowing the grace and strength that I have always held yet avoided living. As we walked and approached friends and family and my husband that lovingly received us, Serge repeated to me “You deserve this”. He gestured to the crowd and said “This is for you” and smiled back at me. There was so much love and joy felt from everyone in their presence, smiles, and in their eyes. I took Serge’s advice and “let it in”.

It was a grand moment that I call ‘The Walk of the Ages’. It reminds me of the love, grace and delicateness that I can walk and live each day. I am grateful for the heavenly reflection of Serge Benhayon who has taught me that walking with myself, and who I am in this world is walking heaven on earth.

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  • By Annie