Psychology BPsych, MAPS

Caroline has a great love for people. Her ability to genuinely connect to people offers a truly supportive way of counselling, enabling her clients to deeply trust and surrender knowing they are held in a safe and nurturing environment. She offers no judgement or criticism, but a vast level of understanding based on the knowledge that we are all divine and that any behaviours contrary to this are based on layers of hurt and protection, that need to be understood and released so that true freedom can be achieved.

  • Services:
    Psychology - offering individual, couple, family counselling, supervision and organisational/business support.

Caroline understands that all our erroneous behaviours come from a place of protection created to shield ourselves from a world that can be hurtful and has a very simple and effective way of getting us to see that the choices we are making are not supporting us to live in a true and joy-full way.

Through understanding and support to develop greater love for self these behaviours are easy to undo, leaving way for the divine to return again, freeing us to return the love we innately are.

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Clinic: InnerMost Counselling at the Universal Medicine Clinic, 15 Blue Hills Avenue, Goonellabah, NSW 2480 (Northern NSW)</a>