Understanding the true meaning of medicine

Understanding the true meaning of medicine

Many of us seek medicine to relieve symptoms or to get a ‘quick fix’ rather than feeling deeply into the way we have been living that holds the key to understanding the root cause of the illness or disease. The symptoms and conditions are part of the process for us to uncover why we need to change the way we live.

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The true meaning of medicine

What if our lifestyles were no longer fatally linked to illness and disease? Is it possible to live our own good Medicine instead? A ground breaking audio on the relationship between Esoteric Medicine, healing and our evolution.

"The real cures to our illnesses and woes will come when we can energetically understand and live in accordance to the immutable fact that all life happens because of energy. And thus, that we are here to evolve energetically and not materially or even physically as human beings. We are here to evolve our expression. Yes, our ability to express who we truly are. Evolution is therefore based on expression and thus on our ability to lovingly and harmoniously interact with one another. "

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 531

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