Breast Cancer Care Group - Breast Cancer Initiatives and Retreats

Breast Cancer Care Group - Do you know about Breast Cancer Initiatives and Retreats?

Breast Cancer Care Group - Breast Cancer Initiatives and Retreats

The world is seeing an increasing number of women experiencing a breast cancer diagnosis, which now affects 1 in 8 women being diagnosed in their lifetime.[i]

When you think about it, most women know someone who has or has had breast cancer. As a consequence of this, many women are living with the fear of developing breast cancer or the fear of it returning.

"Lack of self-nurturing is now a significant global problem and in particular for women, as it is the actual energetic cause of breast cancer and its ill rise in societies everywhere."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 518

With the awareness of this increasing rate and concern for the devastating effect that the experience of breast cancer has on the woman, her family and friends, a group of medical professionals, complementary health practitioners and women who had experienced a breast cancer diagnosis came together in mid 2013, under Esoteric Women’s Health, to form a Breast Cancer Care Group.

The motivation for the establishment of this group came out of the incredible personal benefits members of the group had received from the Universal Medicine Therapies and from embracing the teachings of Universal Medicine around self-care and self-nurturing into their lives. Having experienced first hand how this has changed how we live and feel about ourselves, we knew this would offer true support for women with breast cancer.

In understanding that women live with the underlying anxiety about breast cancer returning, coupled with the common experience of finding it challenging to truly care for themselves, this group spent time considering what was truly needed to support these women.

This took time as we established connections with cancer organisations, breast cancer support groups as well as listening to the women in the group who had a personal experience of the disease.

From this foundation, the group presented the inaugural Breast Cancer retreat in Lismore NSW that was attended by 16 women who have or have had breast cancer.

Inaugural Breast Cancer Care Retreat

The focus of the day was to introduce what it means to truly self-care and self-nurture and how lifestyle choices have an impact on our overall health and well-being.

As well as presentations on these topics, the women experienced gentle hands on healing, which supported them to re-connect to their bodies and themselves, and remember the innate stillness that resides in us all. With this renewed connection we can learn to listen to our body as our bodies are constantly giving us messages about their state of well-being, if we are willing to hear.

The day was a huge success with all the women expressing how amazing the retreat was, due to the palpable feeling of support, care and love that was present throughout the whole day.

To offer this level of support over 20 practitioners, 4 presenters and 3 support crew offered their time, energy and commitment on a volunteer basis.

The day can be summed up in feedback from women who wrote:

  • ‘The retreat was incredibly nurturing, life changing and showed a new way of being.’
  • ‘I learnt to be conscious of and connect with my body throughout the day. To honour and appreciate my body and what it is telling me.’
  • ‘I learnt to love and nurture myself first as the beginning of loving others.’
  • ‘Self-Nurturing is ordinary, part of a daily flow to be lived rather than special deliberate experience.’

This retreat was deeply appreciated by everyone in attendance.

As a result of the immense success of the breast cancer care retreats and seeing the need to support women who experience other health conditions, the group expanded to a new initiative, to hold a Women’s Health Forum.

This forum held in 2015 discussed issues in women’s health, the impact they have on women, men, families and the healthcare system as well and how as a community we can support not only the women with an illness, but all those affected.

The forum included presentations from health professionals and women who have experienced health conditions as well as offering group discussions. This timely and crucial community event was being presented by Esoteric Women’s Health, which is led by Natalie Benhayon.

Due to the ongoing needs of women affected by various health conditions, regular community groups were established to offer further support in locations local to Wollongbar, NSW.

These community groups are held monthly, either during the daytime or evenings, in community venues and are facilitated by complementary health practitioners and health professionals who draw from both their own personal experience and their work.

For further information about the community groups see:


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