Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter #3

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter #3

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter #3


Welcome to a special edition of our newsletter celebrating International Women’s Day, 8 March 2017. The theme is #Be Bold for Change and here at Esoteric Women's Health, we wanted to explore a different view on what this change could look like.

We know that true change starts with how we are with ourselves and each other, and we have compiled a selection of articles that explore how this could be lived in today’s world.

To celebrate women around the world, we are encouraging women to get together in their local communities to connect and enjoy each other's company through our Women Connect events. Find out more in this special edition.

Enjoy celebrating you, today and always.

With love,

The Esoteric Women’s Health team

Women Connect

Following on from the success of last year's global 'Women Connect' events, Esoteric Women's Health continues to support this day.

The invitation is open for you to host an event this year. Women Connect groups are the opportunity to bring people together in your local community to celebrate women and raise the awareness about the most current and topical issues that relate to women. Gatherings can be as big or small as you wish and can be held anytime around March 8. These can be in your home or your community.

Last year's feedback was amazing from the women who attended. In 2016, over 35 groups of women opened up their homes around the world, inviting their friends, neighbours, colleagues and family to be part of the celebration of IWD. These gatherings offered breakfasts, morning teas, walks, women's groups, free body treatments, hair and beauty sessions and singing sessions.

The IWD theme this year is Be Bold For Change and as we know true change starts with ourselves, and from there is taken out to share with others. It will be the small changes every woman makes within herself that will lead to true gender equality being lived by us all.

To inspire you for 2017, please read more about last year's events or find out what may be planned for this year.

If you would like to host a 'Women Connect' event or would like to find out more you can email us at:

We encourage you to get together with other women and celebrate, appreciate, and share honestly about where we are at as women.

Be Bold for Change – what does that mean?

The 2017 theme for International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange and asks the question – “What if the world truly stepped up to take bold action?” The reader is asked if they will take groundbreaking action to truly drive great change for women.

When I read that, my first thought was – Oh God, am I going to have to build a well in Africa or organise a worldwide march for women’s rights? I’ve got no time for that!

Don’t get me wrong; when I read stories about inspirational women who take on projects to improve the safety and health and well being of women around the world, I am glad that they are there. But some days I struggle to fit in an exercise walk after work, so I’m not sure how I would fit in some great big bold action for women worldwide?

Which got me thinking even more, what if this bold action they were wanting to see did not have to be some big bold action plan? What if it could be as simple as living the woman we truly are and learning to cherish and take great care of ourselves?



To celebrate women all around the world as part of International Women’s Day, we have hand-picked some blogs where women #BeBoldForChange by starting with the relationship they have with themselves first.

Imagine International Women’s Day as a celebration of the true value and strength of what a woman can know and live, where she is in rhythm with the wisdom of her body and therefore all of life. Visiting the official 2016 IWD website, you could be forgiven for thinking you were on a recruitment site for women to join the armed forces! One is reminded of the perennial struggle one must be in by virtue of being a woman and of the militant stance needed in order to be recognised and respected in a male-dominated society. It begs the question – what type of equality are we wanting? Read more of this article from International Women’s Day 2016.

Building Consistency is a blog about how one choice creates a chain reaction that affects every part of one's life. So often we make a new start only to find in a week or two it's gone by the wayside. The foundation to any new activity is consistency; couple that with a daily appreciation of the choices you are making and you'll notice how quickly small changes lead to a much bigger, bolder change.

To #BeBoldForChange doesn't mean we need to build a dam in a day or fix world poverty. It means making changes within your own life to claim your own worth, your own beauty, your own purpose, your own expression, which is then naturally shared with all others. Read one woman's experience of this: One Step At a Time – Anything Else is Just Too Tricky!

This blog deals with one of the biggest modern day issues in the western world – exhaustion. There are to-do lists and schedules to keep to, and this push to ‘do’ has created a momentum that is very hard to shake. Many women now don’t know how or that they are even allowed to stop and rest, some even afraid to stop for fear of what might come crashing down around them. But believe it or not, stopping the momentum is a (if not the) major way to start making changes in your life.

As parents, it is our responsibility to raise our boys and girls to know their equality, not from their talents or what they do well at in life, but first and foremost from the absolute knowingness that who they are is amazingly beautiful and that we are all equal. It is from this true understanding of self that gender equality is naturally felt, understood and lived.

Here's a great example of a woman who was #BeBoldForChange by learning to listen to her body and the wisdom it shared. And who started to take great care of herself through a medical procedure and came to understand that how we live affects our physical bodies: Prolapse and Hysterectomy – Appreciating Myself as a Woman

In our focus for equality for women, perhaps we have buried something very special that we each know exists within.  Isn’t it time for a true women’s liberation movement – and that revolutionary shift starts with each of us. It’s a moment of honesty and an openness with ourselves to take the necessary steps to reclaim our lives and to live Love in its true essence and expression. A love that starts with us having a loving relationship with ourselves first.

"If we don’t stop and feel where we are at in our own lives and let go of any guilt or judgment on ourselves; if we don’t stop bowing down to societal pressures to be a certain way; if we don’t draw a line in the sand and say “this is my marker of Love and I will accept no less”; if we don’t begin to honour our bodies and pull back when it calls us to be more still – then we are setting our girls up in the next generation for a life of more disconnection than our own."

Review – Women in Livingness Brisbane

The recent Women in Livingness event held in Brisbane was all about being bold for change, but in a way that doesn’t require women to make any grand gestures or take on any 'save the world' projects.

The topic presented was Unlocking our Obsession with Body Image and with that came, for many – the light bulb moment that we actually don’t have a body image issue – that this is just the symptom of the need for a (much) deeper connection with ourselves as being far more than the flesh and blood we see.

When we dissect our body and see it in parts that should look a certain way, we will always zero in on that ‘problem’ and fixate on the outer shell. But true beauty comes first as a feeling, the beauty we can feel inside ourselves and is not dependent on what the outer shell 'looks' like. Just ask a baby or small child, their beauty radiates for all to see. A woman who can truly feel and appreciate her own inner beauty will naturally look and feel beautiful and radiate this.

With this awareness, it becomes completely possible to then make changes that are small and very personal to us, but at the same time boldly changing the relationship with who we are. Each woman changing her self-relationship – knowing that it is your body that offers the reflection of what is the relationship with yourself – is the true change the world is waiting for. As a woman chooses this for herself she reflects this to all others and can be a true inspiration for change – bold change. To a woman in livingness this is the true meaning of #BeBoldForChange.

Esoteric Women's Health events worldwide take an honest look at topical issues and present them in a way that exposes the issues by offering the understanding of the energetic true cause, not just looking at the symptoms that manifest in the issues. The events support every woman in deepening her connection with herself and her own evolution, and you can be sure to come away with a newfound awareness to use for yourself and to share with others.  

Save the Date 

Women in Livingness Workshop – Brisbane, Sunday 30 July 2017, 10am-3:30pm

"Well-being and Empowerment" presented by Natalie Benhayon

Every woman holds the key to unlocking her true state of well-being. To be, and live with ease, a vitality and vibrancy in life is not our common daily experience, but it is our most natural way to be . . . so what is getting in the way?   To be truly empowered is to first know who you are, which is not defined by your skills, talents, career or relationship status, but by the true essence within. We have all long sought after a sense of empowerment, to feel confident to be ourselves and express it freely in all areas of our life and this is formed by the foundational relationship we have with our body and daily choices.

To find out more and to book: Women In Livingness events


Mini Lamb Koftas

Bite-size nourishing yumminess – lamb kofta on a stick for the perfect party food. Great fun to make and a simple recipe to expand for a larger party. This recipe makes 30-40 koftas – prep time 20 mins, cook time 6-20 minutes depending on cooking method chosen.

Mini Lamb Koftas recipe

Thank You

Thank you for reading our newsletter and we look forward to hearing about the Women Connect events for 2017. Please feel free to visit the Women Connect page on our website or email us at to find out more or to let us know about your event.

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