Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter April 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter April 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter April 2018


Welcome to our April newsletter, where we explore the question:

"Is sick the new normal?"

Period pain, bloating, headaches, exhaustion, sleeping difficulties, tension, anxiety, lower back pain, depression - how many of these do we consider as just "normal"? With an attitude of "that happens to everyone" . . . have we forgotten how it feels to be truly healthy and vital, with a body that moves freely and with a lightness of being, with a spring in our step and boundless enthusiasm for life?

Our feature article for this month by consultant general surgeon Dr Eunice Minford explores this topic and questions how we are living that is making us sick and what we are accepting as normal - and how we can perhaps do it differently.

We also include other articles exploring the topic of health, as well as an article by our featured practitioner Alison Coleman, who shares with us what she observes in her clinic, and asks why we have lowered the bar on what we consider healthy to be. Have we forgotten how to truly care for ourselves? How are we living and what do we accept as normal?

We have a number of upcoming events, including the Girl to Woman Festival in Melbourne on April 29 – these festivals are a true support for young women as they learn to navigate their way thru the many challenges that life in the modern world presents to them, and include workshops on Self-Confidence & Body Image, Relationships & Bullying, and Social Media.

Also included are details of the upcoming Breast Cancer Care Retreat in Brisbane on June 17 as well as a writeup of the recent retreat held in Wollongbar - this retreat highlighted just how supportive these events are for women and carers who have had an experience with breast cancer. The retreat included presentations by doctors and other health professionals who have all had personal experience with breast cancer.

You may also like to Save the Date for the next Women in Livingness Workshop in Brisbane on Sunday 8th July 2018 presented by Esoteric Women's Health founder Natalie Benhayon. Natalie is such an inspiring presenter and shares wisdom for all women on how to live true to ourselves.

Thank you and please enjoy our newsletter,

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  • Is sick the new normal?


  • Health and Healing

  • Is popping a pill and soldiering on the answer?

  • Constipation, it's not sexy, but we do need to let it go

  • Care and Cure ... same same, but different!

  • The way we are living is killing us


  • Girl to Woman Festival – Melbourne

  • Breast Cancer Care Retreat – Brisbane

  • Writeup of recent Breast Cancer Care Retreat in Wollongbar

  • Well-being for Women – Worldwide – regular presentations

  • Women in Livingness Workshop – Brisbane


  • Health today – why are we lowering the bar on our standards?


  • Roast butternut and red pepper soup

  • Aioli

  • Lemon and tarragon chicken balls

  • Apple Crumble Parfaits



By Eunice Minford, Consultant General Surgeon, Northern Ireland

A paper published in The Lancet, a well-known leading medical journal, claimed that 95% of the world’s population have an illness, disease or condition of some kind, with over a third having more than five conditions.

This is a SHOCKING statistic – one that should call us to investigate, question, study and question some more, what is really going on? How come we live in a world where the vast majority of people are sick?

“How is it possible in an era when we have the best understanding of the human body, its organs and their function, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, pathology – all the sciences – that nearly everyone on the planet is sick?”



Here we present articles  that offer a way forward for women to become aware of true health and what is truly normal . . . in a world where:

  • Eating disorders represent the third most common chronic illness for young females and are estimated to affect approximately 9% of the Australian population (National Eating Orders Collaboration)

  • Depression is the leading cause of disease burden for women in both high-income and low- and middle-income countries (World Health Organization)

  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, one person is diagnosed every 10 minutes. 1 in 8 women in the UK (and Australia) will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. (Breast Cancer Care UK)

  • Around 1 in 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving. This is approximately 3.5 million people in the UK. (National Health Services, UK)

Health and Healing

Could it be possible that our understanding of what is good health is related to how we feel in comparison to an extreme of what we consider is poor health? That is, do we say we are ‘well’ simply because we are not bedridden with the flu or cancer for example?

"Is it really healthy to feel stressed, even though you may not have a significant medical illness?"

"How many times do you find yourself saying that you are ‘well’ and in good health, even though you are tired every day, with regular headaches, reaching for sweet treats, caffeine, feeling stressed regularly?"


Is popping a pill and soldiering on leading us away from the natural harmony of the body?

“Soldier on, soldier on . . .” were the lyrics to a catchy marching tune, which accompanied a TV advertisement for a well known cold and flu remedy back in the 70’s. In other words, take the pills and carry on with life as normal because there is no time to stop. This sends us a clear message that pushing through is the way to deal with our bodily ills.

"Could it be we are collectively avoiding addressing some very real issues, which affect all of our lives, and we are still 'soldiering on', regardless of the long term affects on our health?"


Care and Cure . . . same same, but different!

In ancient times, medicine offered true care. We knew that connection with people mattered, that what we ate affected us, and that there was a true and simple way to live. Illness and disease were seen as a reflection of the way we were living, and an opportunity to make true change.

"Looking to fix and cure may prolong our lives, but it does not necessarily enhance the quality of them. But bringing that quality brings a depth and richness to life, no matter how long and short it is, and even if we are confronted with illness and disease."


Constipation, it’s not sexy but we do need to let it go

How many people view constipation as a ‘normal’ consequence of daily living nowadays and do not mention it to doctors or medical practitioners? Jane Keep was one.

"Perhaps there is a simple question to be asked at these times: What am I holding onto? What do I not want to let go of?"


The way we are living is killing us

"What if instead of seeing illness and disease as something bad, we saw them as the body’s way of bringing us to a stop, saying “please stop what you are doing to me, please change the way you are treating me, please change the way you are living, please stop putting food, drink, drugs, toxic emotions, critical thoughts and more into me that are harming for me, please be gentle with me, please look after me, please listen to me.”



Esoteric Women’s Health offers a range of events globally that explore how to live as a woman in this modern day world in a way that supports us to be true and vital.

Girl to Woman Festival – Melbourne – 29 April

As members of the community, we have the privilege of supporting our girls and young women to remain confident and strong within themselves. When we do this, the whole world benefits.

The Girl to Woman Festival brings the community together to discuss the issues that are affecting young women today, while equally celebrating the power and beauty they naturally hold within.

Festival Theme: Whose Role Model Are You?

Every one of us are role models to each other – but do we appreciate how we do this every day?

The G2W program of the day consists of various presentations to provide support to youth and parents through workshops and community discussion, facilitated by skilled professionals on important topics such as:

  • Self-Confidence & Body Image
  • Relationships, Bullying
  • Social Media Discussion Group for Parents
  • Singing/Expression Workshop

Also available on the day are many family-fun activities:

  • Market Stalls
  • Natural Beauty Tent
  • Delicious & healthy treats
  • Fun Photo Booth
  • Free Facials & Massage
  • Move your Body - Fun Dance Class

And more activities for the kids . . .

Note: Activities and Workshops are 'free' after entry.

This event is open to all ages, and all members of the community.


Breast Cancer Care Retreat

Brisbane – Sunday 17 June 2018

These one-day retreats offer support to women who have currently or previously been diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as their carers/partners or family. The retreats offer a space for a woman to truly stop, and re-evaluate the way she is living.

Retreats are presented by health professionals who have all had personal experience with breast cancer, sharing their learnings and their understanding of this disease.


Watch the video by Jean Gamble and Jessica Hallock: "A Mother's Breast Cancer"

See below for a writeup of the Breast Cancer Care Retreat held in Wollongbar Northern NSW on Sunday March 4 2018.

"All women expressed how amazing the day was due to the palpable feeling of support, care and love that was present all day."

Review of March Breast Cancer Care Retreat

The third Breast Cancer Care One Day Retreat was held on Sunday 4th March 2018 in the Northern Rivers NSW, with another scheduled on 4th November 2018 and plans for others to be held throughout Australia including Brisbane on June 17 2018. The purpose of these retreats is to offer support to women who have at any stage in their life been diagnosed with breast cancer, and all those who are or have been impacted by this diagnosis – their family, friends and carers – in a very nurturing, caring and loving space.

At this latest retreat Dr. Jane Barker, Ingrid Langenbruch and Lee-Ann Bailey each shared their experiences of their own unique journey through breast cancer. The three women, from differing backgrounds and situations, touched and inspired us deeply with their intimate sharing of their personal stories of the kind of lifestyles they were living up until the time they were diagnosed, and how they turned their lives around to support their healing by making significant changes in their approaches to life and the way they now live.

They described in detail what they experienced after the diagnosis and how they went about their own way of dealing with medical and other decisions to be made according to what they felt was right for their own individual body and sensitivities.

They each revealed that their breast cancer diagnosis was a stop moment that gave them an opportunity to reassess how they were living so they could make different choices that would support them to nurture and care for themselves in a way that they had not lived before or even considered possible.

Observing each one of the presenters, you could see that their bodies and lives had been transformed by accepting and embracing the learning of what the breast cancer had presented to them. They were now more able to embrace the delicateness and preciousness of themselves as a woman, which inspired all of us to know this was possible at any stage of our lives.

In between presentations and group discussions, all the women participants experienced Esoteric hands on healings that supported them to re-connect to their own tenderness, delicateness and stillness. They all reported feeling deeply nurtured, relaxed and cared for.

We completed the retreat appreciating each other and all the pearls of wisdom that were delivered over the day from all the women who attended. The stillness and love was palpable.

Well-being for Women Presentations

Well-being for Women events are regular presentations held throughout the world that offer a space for women to explore what health and well-being truly means, and how we can access this in our lives with all the challenges presented to us by our modern world.

These groups explore a wide variety of topics including stress, exhaustion, sleep, food, relationships, self-worth, self-care, periods, menopause and more.

Click here for April 2018 dates


  • Australia:   Brisbane  |  Sydney  |  Melbourne  |  Perth  |  Ballina  

  • International:   Tauranga  |  Cornwall  |  London  |  Oslo  |  Netherlands  



Women in Livingness Workshop – Brisbane

Sunday 8 July 2018

Presented by Natalie Benhayon, founder of Esoteric Women's Health

Join us for an educational, interactive and inspiring workshop on Sunday 8 July 2018 in Brisbane.

Natalie has a presentation style that is inclusive, engaging, relatable and deeply insightful. Natalie is a truly inspiring presenter and shares wisdom for all women on how to live true to ourselves.

Women In Livingness days offer a wealth of insight, light-heartedness, inspiration and connection with others along with understanding and tools to take home and apply into our own lives.

Find out more and book here


Alison Coleman

As a full time practitioner of the Universal Medicine Therapies in Sydney, Alison Coleman sees a broad mix of men and women of all ages and with varying professions, from trades people to corporates, and observes there is a common theme of people feeling burnt-out, exhausted and generally overwhelmed by life.

In her latest blog, Health Today – Why are we lowering the bar on our standards? Alison shares how she has come to realise through talking to people about their state of health and well-being, how much as a society we’ve lowered the bar on what we consider healthy to be. Healthy is no longer waking up feeling vital, joyful and full of beans but rather the absence of sickness like the common cold or flu.

"From what I’ve observed in my clinic it appears the longer we have a condition the more likely we are to accept it as being part of our normal, which brings me to question why are we letting our standards drop so considerably on what we consider healthy to be? Could it be that whilst we’d all like to enjoy the benefits of being healthy, actually living it requires a consistent commitment and responsibility to love and care for our bodies that we’re resisting?"



Roast butternut and red pepper soup

This beautiful coloured and silky soup is hard to resist . . . oh, and it is full of goodness too, with its roasted butternut squash and red peppers. This has everything you want in a soup.


A southern-european inspired mayonnaise, this is a fiery aioli with a hot, almost chilli-like tang to lift, set alight your taste buds and boost your immune system.

Lemon and tarragon chicken balls

A very adaptable canapé recipe, these chicken balls are light and deliciously lemony. Beautiful on their own or great for serving with a selection of dips.

Apple Crumble Parfaits

Using whole food ingredients that nourish your body this sugar free recipe is a delicious treat, dinner party dessert or even a fun breakfast. This recipe is gluten and grain free, sugar free (and sweetener free), dairy free and vegan/egg free. Enjoy!

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