Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter August 2019

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter August 2019

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter August 2019

Esoteric Women's Health – Living Health From Within

In a world where roles and expectations of women include being a ‘good’ mother or daughter, a 'good' worker and student, leading a successful career, and acquiring the perfect body, to name but a few, we have lost sight of our inner-most connection to who we truly are, and consequently such roles and societal expectations are what define us – but the end result is that they leave us unfulfilled and unsettled within ourselves.

The connection to our inner-most quality, our essence, is rarely talked about with the importance it deserves in the world today and women’s bodies are suffering as a result.

Gynaecological diseases such as breast cancer continue to rise, with almost 1.7 million new cases affecting women globally every year. Eating disorder cases have doubled in the past decade, alcohol and drug abuse is common, self-esteem amongst women and young girls continues to spiral, as we let ourselves be bombarded with images of what we ‘ought to be’ and look like from today’s many media channels. Stress amongst women is rife; so much so, that nobody bats an eyelid – it is now regarded as the normal and expected way to be . . .

Amidst this enormous onslaught on women’s health and well-being, women are coming together under Esoteric Women’s Health and re-discovering:

  • A very different and natural way to live where society’s pressure and demands no longer have such a strong stranglehold
  • A deep respect for themselves and their bodies

Esoteric Women’s Health reminds women that what they truly seek is not found outside of themselves but rather from exploring what is deeper within.

With love,

Esoteric Women's Health


Inner Trends, Outer Trends – which to follow?

Whether it’s fashion, shopping, the café culture, hairstyles, shoes, make up, holidays or overworking, career aspiration and achievement or ‘supermum’ syndrome, we women have so many trends to choose from today.

Has any of this truly brought us either happiness or joy, or a sense of inner contentment in ourselves as women?​

If not, then what exactly are these trends that we follow?

Do we live based on what the outside world tells us or do we listen to within?



We asked four women, What does 'Health from Within' mean to you?

Here is what they had to say . . .

Megan's story

After years of neglect, Megan started to connect with her body and the results were life-changing: "I was overweight, emotionally miserable, drinking heavily and engaged regularly in emotional drama..."

Read more

Sarah's story

Sarah used to think health was something that was hard won through fitness bootcamps and constant dieting, until she realised that her head did not always have her best interests at heart.

Read more

Colleen's story

From striving to excel and compete, read how Coleen has reconnected to the delicate, feminine and truly sexy woman she is.

Read more

Esther's story

Esther shares some very practical tips for all women on how to live Health from Within.

Read more


Have you ever asked how to make sense of this crazy world? What does it mean to be human? Why are we here? Is there more to life?

Without these deeper understandings, life can seem chaotic, unjust and pointless.

But if we can bring the ancient spiritual wisdom into our everyday living then we can open ourselves to inspiration and meaning in ways that can change our life.

Cynthia Hickman's book – Return to The Soul – is engaging and packed with practical ways to bring a greater understanding to your life.

Watch video of Cynthia Hickman talking about her new book 'Return to the Soul'


What does it mean to be "in our body"? Are we feeling anxious, racy or distracted, or are we feeling relaxed, steady and focused?

Read more

Make up – what does it really mean to us women? Is it a confidence giver, a camouflage trickster, weapon to seduce or tool to recluse?

Read more

What is it to have a willingness to heal? What if there was a path of healing that could be lived as a way of life?

Read more

"There is an immense value in developing our awareness – we are all constantly aware of everything going on around us and within us regardless of whether we give focus to it or not."

Read more


Well-being for Women Presentations

Supporting women to restore levels of well-being and zest for life that many of us struggle to feel amidst the demands and expectations of daily life.

Well-being for Women presentations offer a space where we can openly talk about and explore what is truly going on for us as women.

These presentations are held throughout the world on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

Visit our website for dates


When highly sought after international women's health practitioner – Natalie Benhayon – continued to see that the issues and concerns fundamentally affecting women had roots in the discontentment with life’s demands (and promises), she was inspired to establish Esoteric Women's Health – Health from Within.

"Through Esoteric Women’s Health women are re-discovering without perfection, a very different and natural way to live that is deeply respectful of themselves and their bodies.

With this steady inner foundation, society’s pressure and demands no longer have such a strong stranglehold.

Instead what society receives is the real woman, living from her true essence, and this inspires everyone else to re-connect to who they are as well."

Read the inspiration behind EWH


Kale, pumpkin and protein muffins

Anytime of the day these flavoursome gluten free muffins are hugely versatile and can be taken with you when you are on the go.


Spinach and salmon roulade

This attractive green roulade is light, tasty and bursting with herby flavours. A treat for the eyes and fun to make, it can be served as a main meal or works really well for picnics and lunch boxes… a meal in one.


Gluten and dairy free orange and almond cake

A delicious orange and almond cake – a very moreish cake which has the perfect balance from the sweetness of the orange and bitterness of the rind, a winner all round.


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