Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter December 2017

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter December 2017

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter December 2017


Welcome to our December 2017 newsletter. As we head into the festive season we look at the themes of appreciation and detox, as well as exploring what this season brings.

How can we best handle all that comes with the Xmas and holiday season, dealing with families, copious amounts of food, extra commitments, etc – as well as appreciating the year and all that has transpired? Appreciation is also key to enjoying our time with others.

We also explore the concept of detox and what exactly that is – what are we detoxing from and how did we get to a place where we feel this is even needed?

We also feature details of upcoming Esoteric Women's Health (EWH) events, an article on Esoteric Yoga and all that it offers us, as well as some recipes to support through the holiday season.

Please enjoy reading our newsletter, and we wish you all the very best for 2018.

With love,

Esoteric Women's Health​

Words from EWH Founder, Natalie Benhayon

Hi Everyone,

As we come to the completion of the year 2017, there is much for all of us to appreciate.

Appreciation should never be a 'hot topic' or 'buzz-word', but rather an every-day expression and eventually a normal way to communicate. It is a common trend to get caught up in the busyness of end-of-year festivities, and before you know it we are in the new year, perhaps trying to ‘make new changes’ or just continuing on.

This month, take a moment, or even a few, to appreciate yourself this year past – your growth, your learnings, your challenges. No matter how small, there are moments to appreciate about yourself and others. This appreciation step provides a foundational base so that, come New Year, you are refreshed with an opportunity to review your next steps . . . self-critique is not a spring-board to change, but appreciation is.

With love,




  • The Ultimate Detox


  • Well-being for Women Events

  • Girl To Woman Festival

  • Women in Livingness Workshop

  • Breast Cancer Care Retreats


  • Another ‘Silly Season’ or will we find the true gift of Christmas?

  • Women, excessive tiredness and Christmas stress

  • Honesty, appreciation and our cycles



  • Hazelnut and cherry carob brownie

  • Lemon Tart

  • Mediterranean Baked Snapper

  • Cucumber and Coriander Salad



By Sara Harris

For some it’s a little too early to be talking detoxing – the silly season is only beginning, plenty of weeks left to indulge first, aren’t there? But what if we could make it through the Christmas period without needing to recover at all come January? In this article, Sara Harris ponders on another way to ‘detox’.

"This was about a way of living every day that didn’t need to take the edge off life at the end of the day, the week or year."




Esoteric Women's Health offer a series of community events and programs in 9 locations around the world that invite women to come together to explore what it means to live in a way that supports true health and well-being in amongst our busy lifestyles.

One series of these community events is called Well-being for Women.

This month we feature attendees and presenters of the New Zealand Well-being for Women group. Up to 25 women gather each month in Tauranga (North Island), age presenting no barriers, with discussions centred around the roles women play, the way women think about themselves, the expectations placed upon women by the world and by themselves and how these things affect women and their bodies. The women who share do so with a beautiful openness and willingness for all to feel and observe.

Many locations are offering presentations in early December, please visit the Well-being for Women for dates and details. All other locations will re-commence presentations in the new year.

Locations are:

  • Australia:   Brisbane  |  Sydney  |  Melbourne  |  Perth  |  Ballina  

  • International:   Tauranga  |  Cornwall  |  London  |  Oslo  |  Netherlands  


Girl to Woman Festival | Lennox Head NSW 21 January 2018

Whose Role Model Are You?

The Girl to Woman Festival celebrates and honours girls and women of all ages, and everyone is welcome to attend this one-day festival packed with presentations, performances, workshops, and market stalls.

There will be open discussions about the issues that are facing young women today, and a strong focus on celebrating the power and beauty that girls and women naturally hold within.

​Bringing together community members, youth workers, teachers, musicians, film-makers, fathers, mothers, elders, women and young people, the festival program will explore the topic of ROLE MODELS. Everyone of us are role models, young and old. This festival asks the question – Whose Role Model Are You?

Date: Sunday 21 January 2018
Location: Lennox Head, Northern New South Wales

Tickets for the next event are now available to book online.


The G2W festival is an all of community event, hear what the Mayor of Tenterfield had to say when the festival went to his community earlier this year, along with other video interviews about what the event offers.

You can also view the highlights from the 2017 Lennox Head Girl to Woman Festival in this video.

"We are emanating light always." ~ Carmin Hall

Women in Livingness Workshop | Brisbane 18 February 2018

Getting Real in Relationships

Esoteric Women's Health returns with its next instalment in the ever popular half-day Women in Livingness workshops – this time we’re expanding on the theme of relationships, with the topic of this workshop being Getting Real in Relationships.

Are we ready to open up and reveal ourselves in our relationships – to get real and honest? Do we express what we truly feel or do we hold back? And if so, why? Are we afraid of being truly open and honest, truly intimate?

Join us for another Women in Livingness event where Relationship Counsellors Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice share their personal and professional experiences of developing more real, honest and intimate relationships as well as simple, practical examples of how to live this in your life.

  • Time: 9am-1pm (registration from 8.30am)
  • Date: Sunday 18 February 2018
  • Venue: Little Tokyo 2 at The Capital, Level 2, 155 Queen Street Brisbane QLD (through and above the Regent Theatre)
  • Investment: $65
  • Concession: $50


Breast Cancer Care Retreat | Lismore 4 March 2018

Breast Cancer Care Retreats will be held in several locations in 2018, with the next one being held in Lismore on Sunday 4 March.

The retreats are open to women who currently or previously have been diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as their carers and/or partners.

With breast cancer can come fear, uncertainty and exhaustion. However for many, a diagnosis can also become an opportunity for a life-changing experience – to truly stop, re-evaluate the way we live and then reintegrate into life a future where we can deeply care for ourselves as women, equal to all others.

This one-day retreat offers a space for this stop and evaluation that supports a true way forward for women.

Retreats will also be held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne a little later in the year.

Lismore Retreat Details:

  • Sunday 4 March 2018 9.30am - 4pm
  • Lismore City Hall, 1 Bounty Street, Lismore, Northern New South Wales
  • Investment: $60
  • Concession: $40

"The retreat was incredibly nurturing, life changing and showed a new way of being." ~ Retreat Participant, 2016


“Our movements, our attitudes and our choices build our physiology. There are no quick fixes, but we can choose not to be entrenched in such levels of disregard.” ~ Jenny Ellis, Naturopath


Here we present several articles that continue to explore the end-of-year madness that often prevails ...

Another ‘Silly Season’ or will we find the true gift of Christmas?

Practitioner Steffen Messerschmidt illustrates the craziness of what we put ourselves through in the name of ‘celebrating’ at this time of year, but also shows how it is possible to do things differently.

"What does it take for Christmas to be something meaningful, celebratory and at the same time invigorating, inspiring, unifying and uplifting? Isn’t this what we all want to make Christmas for ourselves and our loved ones?"


Women, excessive tiredness and Christmas stress

Will you be starting the new year feeling more weary than cheery? Kate Robson explores why women do this to themselves over the Christmas period and explores how we could make it different this year.

"Listen to our body. This is totally the key to avoid excessive tiredness or exhaustion, because our body is constantly giving us messages about what we need."


Honesty, Appreciation and Our Cycles

"What was seen in the feedback in this women’s group was how we can go into being nice and comfortable, rather than in true honesty and intimacy, as to how we appreciate someone for all the amazing details and qualities that make them amazing."


"Our ability to respond through understanding, openness, acceptance and a degree of wisdom will determine the extent to which we will feel stressed (or not) by a situation." ~ Wellbeing for Women, Brisbane, June 2017


As we draw to the end of another year and enter into the festive season, we tend to accelerate our busyness more than any other time of the year. What if we used this time more wisely to wind down to take stock of our year and our health to prepare for the New Year ahead?

Investing in the quality of our health to sustain us into the future heralds a new way to approach the silly season. And combining this approach with Esoteric Yoga offers a moment from which to honestly evaluate where we are at with our connection to our body.

Esoteric Yoga sessions offer an opportunity to tune into our body’s needs and to move in a gentle quality that is more honouring and sustainable for our health and wellbeing. The beauty of this modality is the practical application experienced in each session that can be integrated into our daily life, keeping us in check with our body and ourselves throughout the day.

Developing a relationship with our body and valuing our health is one of the best presents we could ever gift ourselves, supporting us into the future and beyond.

For further information on Esoteric Yoga and upcoming programs please click here:


"It all comes down to our relationships with our selves and our bodies.” ~ Arianne Kasi


Hazelnut and cherry carob brownie

Who says sugar free has to be boring! These easy to make brownies are full of taste and are also gluten and chocolate free for those moments you don't want to be over-stimulated. Just try them out!

Lemon Tart

This lemon tart recipe is a great go to if dessert is needed – absolutely delicious, with a crunchy base and tangy lemony filling - it’ll be loved by all lemon dessert lovers. Add this one to your repertoire of gluten and dairy free desserts as it’s a showstopper.

Mediterranean baked snapper

Bring some sunshine to your kitchen with this Mediterranean style baked red snapper recipe. Quick and easy to prepare with the oven doing most of the work! The vegetable juices make a delicious marinade for a recipe that is naturally gluten free and dairy free.

Cucumber and coriander salad

You’ll love the fresh and fragrant flavours of coriander and lime in this simple cucumber salad recipe. Its versatility makes it great for entertaining and a beautiful accompaniment to any meat or vegetarian dish.

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