Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter December 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter December 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter December 2018


Welcome to our newsletter for December where we explore ideas and tips to support you to care for yourself over the holiday season.

Our feature article this month is by Health Practitioner Jenny Ellis who speaks about treatment programs to support the body to rest and rejuvenate and feel energised and vital for the year ahead.

We feature some healing therapies that can truly support your body and your well-being, as well as details of upcoming events including the next Women in Livingness workshop in Brisbane on 17th February 2019, along with our regular Well-being for Women presentations held in various locations throughout the world.

Below you will also find recipes to support you throughout the holiday season and all year round.

Please enjoy our newsletter, and know that we can use this time to deeply rest, restore ourselves, truly recharge our batteries and be feeling energised and vital for the year ahead.

with love,

Esoteric Women's Health



  • Treatment programs for the holiday season


  • Women in Livingness Workshop – 17 February 2019
  • Well-being for Woman Global – Women's Groups


  • Dealing with the "Silly Season"
  • Work Life Balance for Women – does it really exist?
  • Women, excessive tiredness and Christmas stress
  • Self-care – the gift of you


  • Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy
  • Esoteric Yoga
  • Chakra-puncture



  • Salmon Sausages
  • Slow roast lamb leg
  • Silverbeet and chilli stir fry
  • Quinoa, kale and cherry salad
  • Vegetarian roast vegetable salad
  • Beetroot Carob Cake
  • Apple and tahini dairy free mousse
  • Christmas Pudding Bliss Balls


Treatment Programs for the holiday season

By Jenny Ellis, Health Practitioner

When it comes to Christmas Holidays the tendency to over-indulge and generally let ourselves go, is very common. The trouble is, we end up needing to recoup from this, rather than using the opportunity to deeply rest, restore ourselves, recharge our batteries and be feeling energised and vital for the year ahead.

The purpose of a treatment program is to offer a re-set. When we spend a great deal of time in a certain momentum, it takes a more concentrated and sustained focus to put a halt to it, and re-establish new patterns that are sustaining and sustainable.

A program provides a purpose and hence is specific for a series of sessions, which brings greater awareness and understanding of what has been at play for us, as well as why, and what it may take to turn it around.

Examples of programs include:

  • Turning around exhaustion
  • Immune boosting
  • Getting a handle on anxiety

  • Setting new sleep rhythms
  • Reconnecting and establishing new foundations
  • Detoxification

Listen to Jenny Ellis speak about Treatment Programs

Practitioners all over the world can offer programs to support you to rest, recharge, rejuvenate and restore over the holiday season.

Read more about Treatment Programs

Speak with your local practitioner about a Treatment Program, or you can visit our website to find a practitioner in your local area.

If you need more support with this please email Esoteric Women's Health.

Find a Practitioner

What if I don't have a practitioner in my area?

You can put yourself on a program – list 6 easy ways to take care of yourself and feel how you can best put these into a routine that will work for you – make this commitment to yourself (yes you are worth it) and keep track of your progress.



Women in Livingness Workshop 17th February 2019

We are delighted to announce our next Women in Livingness workshop, to be held on Sunday 17 February 2019 in Brisbane, Australia - the workshop will be webcast around the world for all those that cannot attend in person.

The workshop will be presented by Esoteric Women's Health founder Natalie Benhayon. Women in Livingness workshops are an open forum that offer the space to explore the current issues that are impacting women's health and well-being, and to re-establish a way of living that supports the development of true well-being.

Stay tuned to our website for more details.



Well-being for Women Global

Well-being for Women are regular presentations held throughout the world that can support us to restore a level of vitality, well-being and zest for life that many of us struggle to feel amidst the demands, pressures and expectations of daily life.

"I keep coming back because of the connection to the women who attend, their wisdom and care and also the way that I feel post workshop or event. I feel calmer, more in control of my life and its challenges and also more connected to myself." ~ Megan, 35



Dealing with the "Silly Season"

"As we approach the Christmas holiday season, will it be the “Silly Season,” where we all eat too much, drink too much, and don’t cope well with family situations – or will we choose to care for ourselves, look after our bodies and our well-being, and enjoy and appreciate those around us to the best of our ability."


Work Life Balance for Women – does it really exist?

How are women living in the world today – is it a juggle of scheduling, running errands, working, rushing, being anxious or in overwhelm, frustration and exhaustion that eventually leads us to be busy and sick, as the rising levels of illness and disease in women indicates?


Women, excessive tiredness and Christmas stress

Will you be starting the new year feeling more weary than cheery? Kate Robson explores why women do this to themselves over the Christmas period and explores how we could make it different this year.


Self-care – the gift of you

The quality of true caring insists that you are important, that you are worth caring for. Is there a much deeper level of self-care that we could be offering ourselves?



Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a gentle hands on physical and energetic bodywork modality. It is a very simple and yet powerfully effective treatment in which the practitioner is working directly with the energy flowing through the body's connective tissue system in order to support and restore the natural balance of the body.


Esoteric Yoga offers the opportunity to truly stop, and come back to you and the quality of energy in your body. Each class helps us to realise that we can choose to bring a harmonious quality into our everyday movements, and that the quality we bring to our movements determines how we feel and the level of well-being we experience.

Classes can be done online at a time that suits you, also offered are group classes, private sessions, and classes for the workplace.


Chakra-puncture is a gentle and complementary healing therapy that consists of needles applied very lightly to the skin in specific patterns on the body that serve the purpose of restoring energetic harmonious balance and order. Many clients have reported feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, more at ease and less anxious after chakra-puncture.



Are you sensitive to being affected by what is going on around you? Do you feel anxiety or agitation in your body? The Gentle Breath Meditation is a simple and very powerful technique to support you.

This Gentle Breath Meditation begins with dropping your head toward your heart, focusing and allowing the senses to recognise that you are one with your body through the gentle in-breath, then developing expansiveness and gentleness in your body with the out-breath.

Listen to a recording of the Gentle Breath Meditation.


This month we have included many recipes to support you throughout the Christmas and holiday season

Salmon Sausages

These simple fish sausages make a delicious light alternative to traditional meat ones. They can be eaten with salad and vegetables, as a healthy picnic snack or a playful addition to kids’ lunch boxes.

Slow Roast Lamb Leg

The gorgeous flavours of fresh rosemary and thyme really make this Slow Roast Lamb recipe the most delicious ever. Serve alongside your favourite oven roasted vegetables and a delicious dairy free pesto.

Silverbeet and chilli stir fry

A spicy and earthy flavoursome and nutritious silver beet (chard) dish, stir fried with chilli and spring onions; a great accompaniment to any meal.

Vegetarian Roast Vegetable Salad

A combination of all the roast vegetables you fancy with bit of spice and freshness from the rocket and the parsley. Perfect as a side dish to take to a dinner party, a colourful addition to your Sunday roast as well as being a great stand alone vegetarian dish.

Quinoa, Kale and Cherry Salad

This gluten free quinoa salad contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals and packs a flavour punch! Great for entertaining and a winning dish for Christmas day.

Beetroot Carob Cake

This winning combination of beetroot and carob is just delicious in a cake and fabulously moist, gluten and dairy free and hits all the right health notes to boot.

Apple and Tahini Dairy Free Mousse

This dairy free apple tahini mousse is delicious, extremely light and super simple to make – this dessert is one that everyone loves.

Christmas Pudding Bliss Balls

When Christmas pudding meets bliss balls . . . these fun healthy Christmas treats are made with nuts, festive dried fruit, orange, cinnamon and vanilla. This recipe is free from gluten, grains and dairy.

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