Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter February 2019

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter February 2019

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter February 2019


Welcome to our February newsletter where we explore the theme of Power.

What does Power for a woman actually mean?

In the words of our founder Natalie Benhayon, "What if empowerment is as simple as knowing what you feel, respecting that and living in a way that keeps that sensitivity alive? And what if power is not about having a strong opinion, being heard and taking men on in the work force – but a quality that is sourced from an entirely different approach that is just as, if not more, influential and leading?"

How often do women trust what they feel, express what they know and honour what it is they need to be the woman they want to be?

The upcoming Women in Livingness Workshop in Brisbane will explore these themes – "From Empowerment to Power" – and will be held on Sunday 17 February 2019 – please see below for more details. For those who can't get to Brisbane for this amazing event then stay tuned for a review and some videos of the day.

We also asked many women what Power means to them and you can read their responses below.

Please enjoy our newsletter and enjoy being the powerful woman that resides deep within.

With love,

Esoteric Women's Health



  • A real women’s revolution is beckoning us forward


  • For Esoteric Women's Health


  • Women in Livingness Workshop – 17 February 2019


  • Redefining what it is to be a powerful woman
  • Well-being and empowerment
  • Woman to Woman: Dropping the mask
  • Fashion styling – embracing and appreciating ourselves
  • Woman Returning


  • Here is what some women said


  • Regular Women's presentations


  • Claim your Awesomeness



  • Exotic gluten free fish cakes
  • Dairy free fresh herb pistou
  • Dairy free blueberry, apple and almond smoothie


A real women’s revolution is beckoning us forward

The birth control Pill, the sexual revolution, feminism, increased levels of education for women, women in the workforce – here we are well into the 21st century, and what a great time to stop and reflect on where we are as women.

Where did the sexual revolution get us? Are we where we want to be as women? Are we living life in our fullness and do we feel amazing and vital in our day-to-day lives? Are our relationships with partners and husbands intimate, delicate and beautiful and, in fact, while we are asking, how is our relationship with ourselves?

In our focus for equality for women, perhaps we have buried something very special that we each know exists within. Isn’t it time for a true women’s liberation movement – and that revolutionary shift starts with each of us.

"If we don’t stop and feel where we are at in our own lives and let go of any guilt or judgment on ourselves; if we don’t stop bowing down to societal pressures to be a certain way; if we don’t draw a line in the sand and say “this is my marker of Love and I will accept no less”; if we don’t begin to honour our bodies and pull back when it calls us to be more still; then we are setting our girls up in the next generation for a life of more disconnection than our own."


New Website for Esoteric Women's Health

We are pleased to announce that the new Esoteric Women's Health website is up and live with a whole new look and feel - on the website you will find much to explore - details of the origins of Esoteric Women's Health and what Health From Within really means, as well as articles and videos, a free online magazine, an app for tracking your cycles, details of many upcoming events, healing therapies to support you, practitioner details and much much more.

You can watch this video for a tour of this beautiful new website.

Visit our new website





Tickets are selling fast for our next Women in Livingness workshop, to be held on Sunday 17 February 2019 in Brisbane, Australia and presented by Esoteric Women's Health founder Natalie Benhayon.

How often do women trust what they feel, express what they know and honour what it is they need to be the woman they want to be?

What if Empowerment is as simple as knowing what you feel, respecting that and living in a way that keeps that sensitivity alive?

Please note numbers for this workshop are limited and bookings are required to secure a place.

NEW VENUE: Little Tokyo 2 (above the Regent Theatre) 155 Queen St Brisbane, Sunday 17 February 2019, 10am to 3pm


Watch our video (3 mins 4 secs):

What is Women in Livingness?


Natalie Benhayon: Redefining what it is to be a powerful woman

"She has shown me that you can be sexy without demeaning yourself by being overtly sexual; that you can take care of your body and nurture yourself without being wimpy or pathetic; and that true power comes from living from your essence as a woman instead of taking on what society so often projects as being a powerful woman."

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Well-being and Empowerment

"To not be influenced by ideals, beliefs or external factors in life, but rather only by what comes from inside you and that honours the deepest part of you - in other words, having a deep relationship with one's body over and above what happens around you."

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Woman to Woman: Dropping the mask

"How do we feel about letting people see who we really are? In the morning as we get ourselves ready, does more than make-up get applied as we look in the mirror? Do we place on a mask of one sort or another – ‘having everything sorted’; ‘leave me alone’; ‘watch out, I am fierce’; or ‘I am no good’, for example?"

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Fashion styling – embracing and appreciating ourselves

"Your wardrobe and the way you dress is a great reflection of your life and the way you see and feel about yourself. Why don’t we choose clothes that express who we are on the inside?"

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Woman Returning

"I could feel how when I compare myself with another woman, I shut down the potential for intimacy in that relationship. I was able to see that the comparison I had been choosing in my relationships was stemming from my own relationship with myself; a lack of appreciation and love for me."

Read more


We asked some women what Power meant to them,

here is what they said – inspiring sharing:

"I always thought that having power meant you had to be tough and hard but in recent years I’ve found that the more I discover about myself that is kind, caring, loving, tender, sensitive and delicate, the more powerful I feel. My new relationship with power is here to stay; it fires up a strength inside me which supports me to be the real ‘me’ and not the ‘me’ I thought I should be in order to fit in." ~ Helen G.

"Being sensitive, feeling connected and confident, knowing who I am and walking in that beauty – that for me is true power." ~ Sarah S.

"I used to think power was being strong and willing to fight. I now feel that being delicate has the power to change the world." ~ Fiona L.

"Power to me means staying open to life and love, no matter what life presents to me." ~ Jacqueline M.

"Empowerment is knowing who I am. Power is expressing who I am in my everyday." ~ Robyn J.

"When I get the sense of who I am as a woman, deeply nurturing, sensitive, naturally light and very loving; I realise that these qualities form the cherished foundation of what I then bring to my whole life as a partner, mother, nurse, neighbour and friend. And, when I choose to do so without reservation and all those around me feel the deep care we can all live, that's when I know my true power as it inspires us all." ~ Cherise H.

"Power means to me: being completely okay with being myself, alone and with those around me, and being completely at ease and equal to all others too. It means deeply accepting myself on every level: the bits I love, the bits I don't, how I respond and react: embracing myself in full, and allowing it out to be seen and felt." ~ Anonymous

"Power holds a quality of the strength of stillness and love that is expressed from within. There are no harsh or rough edges, it’s an age old way of being that we all equally truly know." ~ Beverley B.


Well-being for Women – regular presentations

Well-being for Women are regular presentations held throughout the world that can support us to restore a level of vitality, well-being and zest for life that many of us struggle to feel amidst the demands, pressures and expectations of daily life.

"These presentations offer a space where women can come together and feel free to express what is really going on for them, in a space that is so supportive and non-judgemental - we are all dealing with the same issues in their many different forms, and it is so good to be able to support each other to know there is a different way, a way that truly and deeply honours who we are." ~ KB, age 58

Find a Well-being for Women Group near you


Claim your Awesomeness

What happens when you connect to and express the YOU factor, the unique qualities that YOU bring that are so amazing.

"We've got to make a connection to this part of you that is so truly awesome, so truly amazing, that well-being then becomes simple, because you won't want to ruin it."

Claim your Awesomeness Audio


As modern-day superwomen, we can perceive messages from the body as an inconvenience or annoyance. Being told you are tired, pre-menstrual, anxious or bloated is not what you might want to hear when you have a million things to get done and still look like you have it all together!

Like an honest friend, you may not want to hear what they have to say and might even start avoiding them. But like a best friend, the body speaks to us and lets us know what is truly going on, the ‘good, the bad and the amazing’, and for as long as we’re prepared to listen.

Esoteric Yoga offers us the opportunity to stop, listen, feel, observe and to reacquaint with the honesty of our body and its messages. Our body is our internal compass that is there to guide us and remind us of how to live in a way that honours our needs, and how to live in accordance to our innate rhythm and quality of stillness.

Classes can be done in person or online at a time that suits you.



Exotic gluten free fish cakes

Unusual, creamy and a little bit exotic these fishcakes are fun to make and incredibly yummy. A winning recipe that goes brilliantly with summer salads and is gluten and dairy free.

Click here for recipe

Dairy free fresh herb pistou

This no-nuts dairy free healthy pesto can be made fresh, or made in bulk and stored in airtight containers in the fridge for up to two weeks, although fresh tastes best. Pistou is pesto without the nuts.

Click here for recipe

Dairy free blueberry, apple and almond smoothie

The blueberry, avocado and roasted almond combo make this healthy smoothie a nutritious no added sugar breakfast or a 5 minute anytime meal with a bit of zing!

Click here for recipe

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