Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter July 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter July 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter July 2018


Welcome to our July newsletter where we explore the topics of food and exercise – two things that have a significant impact on our health. What really works?

We can have all the resolve in the world to not eat certain things or to exercise regularly, but often we find ourselves not doing these things – or we may exercise regularly but push our bodies too hard – or use strict discipline with our food – so why is it that we often find ourselves "falling off the wagon"? If strict discipline or willpower doesn't work, then what does?

This month we explore where our choices come from – are they from a place of deep care and honouring of ourselves and our body, something that is sustainable, or from what we think we "should be doing", from what someone has told us or what we have read or heard is "healthy", from a strict discipline, from sheer "willpower" – or, sometimes, the exact opposite.

Our newsletter is packed with articles on food, diet and exercise, exploring our day-to-day relationship with our bodies and the impact our choices have on our health – and, how we can develop a relationship with diet and exercise that supports us.

Below you will also find details of our upcoming workshop in Brisbane on Sunday 8 July 2018, presented by Natalie Benhayon, founder of Esoteric Women's Health – see our Events section below. We also include details of our upcoming Breast Cancer Care Retreats and our regular Well-being for Women presentations held in multiple locations around the world.

Please enjoy our newsletter and enjoy caring for yourself and your body because it feels good and because you are worth it.

With love,

The EWH Newsletter Team



  • The Food, Mood and Movement Triangle


  • Natalie Benhayon on Why we need Esoteric Women's Health


  • Stretch and Move: Stretching exercises for a fluid, flexible body


  • The hidden harm in Self Care
  • Food to go – convenience at a price
  • Sugar, exercise and obesity: Let’s get real
  • The 6 best ways to lose weight authentically (hint: it doesn’t involve fad diets or gym memberships)
  • Does “no pain, no gain” belong in your workout routine?
  • Unimed Living – Food and Exercise


  • Women in Livingness Workshop – 8TH JULY
  • Well-being for Women – Regular events worldwide
  • Breast Cancer Care Retreats – Sydney and Wollongbar

Esoteric Yoga

  • The Body is the Boss! Yoga, sleep, exercise and more


  • Danielle Pirera – Clinical Exercise Physiology


  • Lamb and Spinach Meatballs
  • Crispy Seabass Fillets
  • Almond and Sesame Cookies


The Food, Mood and Movement Triangle

By Henrietta Chang, Complementary Health Practitioner and Kate Greenaway, Physiotherapist

Most people have made the connection between food and mood. In other words how you feel can very much influence your food choices. The classic example being that of a person who feels blue or down in the dumps and reaches for the tub of ice cream to eat whilst watching TV.

How we feel is instrumental in determining what and how we are going to eat. Some people have also noticed the opposite effect where eating certain foods will make you feel a certain way. And of course there is the research that talks about our gut bacteria and how these too can have a 'say' in our dietary choices...

  • Which came first – the chicken or the egg?
  • Where do we start to make a change – at the food level? At the mood level? Looking at gut health?
  • Are they perhaps all as important?
  • And/or is there an ingredient missing – pun intended?

What about movement or posture? What has this got to do with food?


"Ok so can we begin to see how all of these are interlinked: food/nutrition/digestive tract health - mood/emotions/psychology – movement/posture. One feeds the other, and back again. Either in a way that supports you or in a way that pulls you down."


Listen to Natalie Benhayon speak about Why we need Esoteric Women's Health:

"As women we've lost a way of living that truly supports our bodies to sustain a quality of life. Life has become busier, and let's be very, very honest, it's not working for women – our quality of life has dropped severely in the last decades. There is a way to live within that and not feel that your body is controlled and dominated by the rhythm of what society is asking you to be in."



STRETCH AND MOVE: stretching exercises for a fluid, flexible body.

Simple stretches – 3 minutes and 12 seconds to support your body


The hidden harm in self-care

"The belief that strenuous exercise was good for me, the belief that a vegetarian diet was healthier, the belief that the more I crammed into my day the stronger I was as a woman – I was so exhausted I used to fall asleep whilst sitting in my parked car."

"How had I got to the point that my body had to literally grind to a halt before it was able to get my undivided attention?”


Food to go – convenience at a price

Overworking ourselves and ignoring the body’s messages to stop can lead us to graze throughout the day. When eating on the go, often the choice of food is quick and easy with more focus on whatever we are doing or going to do rather than a consideration for what would best support the body at that moment.

"Connecting to our bodies and having a diet based on nurturing allows us to rest and support ourselves no matter what life presents to us."


Sugar, exercise and obesity: Let’s get real

What is the cause of our rising obesity rates – is it junk food and sugary drinks, or overeating generally and lack of exercise? Or is there a deeper reason – our relationship to eating and exercise?

"It was only once I discovered the reason I needed the chocolate, and then changed the way I was living each day by not rushing, that I was able to stop eating it."


The 6 best ways to lose weight authentically (hint: it doesn’t involve fad diets or gym memberships)

A great article that is not just about losing weight but about the relationship we have with food and with ourselves:

"The key for me was that I had stopped trying to lose weight altogether and had instead started to change the level of tenderness and understanding I had for myself. Weight loss became a byproduct and was not the goal."


Does “no pain, no gain” belong in your workout routine?

What if the belief, ‘a good workout routine means you have to get sore’ was not true, or importantly, not at all necessary for most people to feel fit and well?

"Where did the ‘no pain, no gain’ myth actually come from?"


Unimed Living Exercise

Unimed Living Exercise shines the light on often unquestioned ideals and beliefs around exercise. Articles, videos, audios and tips are shared that suit every health and fitness level, supporting people back to truly enjoying exercise, movement and their own bodies.

Unimed Living Food

Unimed Living Food shines the light on the way we are with food, our relationship with it – various articles about the hot topics around food today – gluten, dairy, sugar, overeating, dieting, healthy or not, cravings, and what is driving our choices when it comes to food.

"Being physically fit under the conventional model is not the answer to our ills. Yes, a certain level of fitness helps you get through the day better and, this does help, but it will not bring the love the body needs to heal with."

Serge Benhayon

"Consider what would or could easily have happened if we, all of us, back then and there-ever-after, had taken full heed of what Socrates blessed us with over two thousand years ago when in his principal teaching he gave us the golden virtue that – we must eat to live and not live to eat (?). Answer: we would today not have the global problem of obesity, the burdens of being ‘overweight’ or the general ‘weight control’ plague not to mention its extended worldwide problem, the problem we know and call – the large-scale burden of ill health costs, which, in one way or another, affects us all."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space, ed 1, p 241


Women in Livingness Workshop

Brisbane – Sunday 8 July 2018

                                Natalie Benhayon, founder of Esoteric Women's Health presents:

                  Understanding Self Worth – your key to unlocking the confident you

Lack of Self-Worth and Self-Doubt are the terrible twins that sabotage women from an otherwise steady confidence and inner authority.

  • Why has it become so normal to not feel good enough in who we are and what we can do?
  • Are we coping with 'this new norm'?
  • Is it possible to change?

Natalie Benhayon presents in this workshop an in-depth yet practical view on how we can support ourselves to break free of this cycle.

Natalie is an international presenter and practitioner in women’s health. Her presentations are practical, deeply insightful and very relatable and have supported countless women around the world to reconnect to their own self-worth and inner confidence.

Sunday 8 July 2018 10am-3pm

  • Venue: Little Tokyo 2 at The Capitol Level 2, 155 Queen St Brisbane

  • Numbers are limited so book now.




WATCH OUR VIDEO to learn more about Women in Livingness

“Excellent day and so well organised. It was lovely to be amongst beautiful women who were so honest, caring and supportive."


Well-being for Women events are regular presentations held world-wide where we explore what health and well-being truly means, discussing a range of topics that are relevant to women today – relationships, work, self-care, diet, self-love, intimacy, self-worth, etc.

Click here for July 2018 dates.


  • Australia:   Brisbane  |  Sydney  |  Melbourne  |  Perth  |  Ballina  

  • International:   Tauranga  |  Cornwall  |  London  |  Oslo  |  Netherlands  


Breast Cancer Care One Day Retreats

Sunday, 9th September 2018 – Sydney

Sunday, 4th November 2018 – Wollongbar, Northern NSW

The Breast Cancer Care Retreats are for women who currently or previously have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and their carers and/or partners – the retreats offer an opportunity to stop and reflect on how we have been living, as well as a day of deep nurturing, care and support.



The Body is the Boss!

Having a commitment to listen to the honesty of the body and honouring what is felt is a very beautiful and nourishing way to live. We are constantly receiving messages from our body that are offering us to return to harmony, for this is what is innately known to be true.

Esoteric Yoga – The Yoga of Stillness, allows us to explore the relationship and awareness that we have with our body and the mind. There is a difference between allowing the body to lead the way or allowing the mind to lead the way. When the two come together in union – body and mind, we have a synergy that has the potential to truly serve our whole being.

In this article Marika Cominos speaks about yoga, stillness, sleep and exercise:




                                          Danielle Pirera – Clinical Exercise Physiology

Danielle Pirera works in the health and fitness industry as an exercise physiologist, massage therapist and complementary therapist offering physical rehabilitation, exercise training, remedial massage and esoteric healing modalities.

Danielle grew up with a love for human movement and exercise and by her late teens was super fit and participating in high-intensity sports such as triathlon, adventure racing, mountain biking and surfing. In her mid-twenties, Danielle realised that although she was super fit she was not necessarily healthy or deeply well and the truth was she was unsettled, dissatisfied with life and constantly striving to do more or be better, so often exhausted or craving sugar to keep going to be the best.

In the last ten years Danielle has pursued a greater understanding of what health and wellbeing truly is. She found her way to Esoteric Women’s Health for healing and teachings on another way of living that builds true health and a vitality, spunk and confidence in all of life.

Danielle practices in a way where the choice to connect to a quality in our breath and movements is first and foremost most important before any exercise training, rehabilitation or body work therapy. Moving and exercising in such a way results in an openness and expansiveness in our body and our connective tissue system. This brings a settlement and ease to our body, supporting the release of any tension, holding, anxiousness or raciness in the body. ​

“When we are not aware of the quality of our breath and movements (because we are too focused on 'what' we are doing instead of 'how' we are doing it) there is a disconnection and disregard for our body in the way we are breathing and moving. The result is tension, rigidity and stiffness in our connective tissue and this is when strain or injury can occur. Exercising in this way will leave our body feeling heavy, tired, drained or even exhausted, stiff, tight and painful.”

Go to Danielle's blog page to read articles on exercise and fitness including: Fitness – Did we get it wrong?


Lamb and Spinach Meatballs

Simple and nutritious with lots of vitamins and nutrients packed into one little meatball: for big and little kids who dislike eating their greens.

Crispy Seabass Fillets

Super simple fried white fish fillets, this is a great recipe to adapt and develop with your favourite herbs and spices.

Almond and Sesame Cookies

Deliciously tasty, these light cookies make a yummy healthy snack, for lunch boxes, picnics and any other biscuit occasion!

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