Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter July 2019

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter July 2019

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter July 2019


In our newsletter this month we explore the concept of rhythm and flow, having order in our life, and how much this supports us. We all know what it is like when we don't have things in order, and how much this affects us – our newsletter is designed to give you practical tools and tips to support you with order and flow in your life.

We also explore what it means to have a rhythm – how do we wake, how do we get ready for work, how are we in our day, how do we put ourselves to bed? Everything we do forms part of our rhythm, is it possible that everything is important and affects everything else?

We also include a course on our Relationship with Money, as having an ease and a flow with our money is a big part of what supports us.

Please also see our section below on Esoteric Healing Therapies – these therapies are incredibly nurturing and support the body to stop, rest, rejuvenate and restore a natural rhythm and flow.

We also include details of the upcoming Women in Livingness Workshop on Sunday 21 July 2019 in Brisbane, Australia, presented by our founder Natalie Benhayon. These workshops are incredibly powerful and offer a lot for women, more details can be found below and on our website.

Please enjoy our newsletter and we trust that the tools and tips we provide below will support you to continue to develop a rhythm and flow in your life that truly supports you.

With love,

Esoteric Women's Health



  • The science of sleep – life is a cycle


  • The problem with procrastination
  • Healthy habits and healthy lifestyle tips


  • In Rhythm with Natalie Benhayon


  • by Stylist and De-clutterer Jenny Hayes


  • By connecting to our natural rhythms we improve our well-being
  • Body posture


  • Women in Livingness Workshop 21 July 2019
  • Well-being for Women Presentations


  • Sacred Esoteric Healing
  • Esoteric Massage
  • Esoteric Chakra-puncture
  • Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy


  • A free audio to support a restful night's sleep



  • Mint chimichurri
  • Snapper and herb bake
  • Nutty carob bars with seeds and dry fruits


The science of sleep – life is a cycle

We are designed to live life in cycles – in a rhythmic regular way – and our sleep is a great part of our daily cycle, which affects the greater cycle of the life we live.

We live in a universe that is rhythmic and cyclical: the rhythm of night and day, as the earth spins on its axis; the periodic cycles of women, who cycle with the moon; the seasons of the year, as the Earth revolves around the Sun; the cycles of the Sun and our galaxy as they revolve around Sirius; and there are greater cycles than this.

We are designed to live and work in harmony with these universal cycles and when we do, our inner workings are rhythmic and harmonious too, for as it is above, so it is below – our bodies reflect the universal order of which we are each a unique and integral part.

"We live life in cycles, and the way we live a day affects the way we sleep at night, which influences how we are the next day, which then affects the quality of our sleep the next night… We don’t leave any of it behind… we carry it all with us, in this body of ours, everywhere we go."



Personal reflection – Living in a rhythm

Read how deepening your rhythm (and understanding what a rhythm actually is) can support your daily life bringing you a better quality of health and well-being.

Read more

The problem with procrastination

"Completing tasks and not procrastinating allows a sense of flow in our lives, it offers a sense of lightness within us that we can then bring to our relationships, to our work and our home."

Read more

Healthy habits and healthy lifestyle tips

"Every choice matters when we are building a rhythm to support great health, because every choice affects the quality of how you are. For example: is your quality rushed and anxious, or steady and connected?"

Read more


Living in Rhythm with Natalie Benhayon

In this link are several audios presented by Natalie Benhayon on rhythm and flow, supporting us to understand just what it means to live in a rhythm that is true to who we are.

“Our rhythm is everything that we do, and everything that we do is part of our rhythm. There is not a single moment in the day that doesn’t form part of our rhythm, and therefore, how we are travelling in those moments is key to ensuring you are in a rhythm or flow that is true to you.” ~ Natalie Benhayon

Link to audios


Rythym & Flow In Our Homes

by Jenny Hayes – Stylist and de-clutterer

Our house and our home is the base from which we leave and return to each day. It is where we rest and sleep each night. Where we cook our meals and where we raise our families. So, we could say, it has a very important role to play in our lives.

But do we honour it that way? Do we recognise the importance it has in our everyday lives…and therefore how it has the potential to greatly support or greatly hinder us?

Living with a sense of flow and simplicity has huge benefits on our physical, emotional and psychological health and well-being. And so how we set up and live within our homes supports this on every level.

Is it possible for you to imagine a life with . . .

LESS – stuff, clutter, stress, debt, discontent, distractions?

MORE – time, meaningful relationships, contentment, growth?

Read more


By connecting to our natural rhythms we improve our well-being

Sally Green explores some of the natural rhythms and cycles that we have that, if followed, support our personal development and well-being.
Read more

Body posture

"Our emotional, mental and energetic state of being is affecting our physical ‘posture’ and in turn, our physical ‘posture’ is affecting our state of being."
Read more



Sunday 21 July 2019

Presented by Natalie Benhayon

Empowerment and Power are words that get used all too commonly to brand, sell, promote, and elevate us. But what do they really mean? Are they moments of euphoria? or can they be a sustainable daily experience?

Following on from the first instalment in February this year, the up-coming Part 2 presentation of this Women in Livingness workshop series will take this important topic (and more) to greater depths, with all the practical tools that these gatherings are renowned for.

Sunday 21 July 2019, 10am to 3pm (registration from 9:30am)

Venue: South Brisbane, QLD

Investment: $85 Concession: $65

This event is for women only 18 years of age and over.

Bookings and more info

Watch our video to see what takes place at a Women in Livingness Workshop.

Watch our video to learn more about Natalie Benhayon.

Well-being for Women Presentations

Well-being for Women presentations are held throughout the world on a regular basis, often monthly or bi-monthly.

These presentations can support us to restore a level of vitality, well-being and zest for life that many of us struggle to feel amidst the demands, pressures and expectations of daily life. They offer a space where we can openly talk about and explore what is truly going on for us as women.

Visit our website for locations and dates

Esoteric Healing Therapies

Esoteric Healing Therapies are specifically designed to support the body to restore a natural rhythm and flow. In a fast-paced, stressful, and modern world the term healing can seem oddly placed. It is however a natural part of life whereby we can be supported to make changes, deepen our self-connection, experience growth and transformations and feel supported through difficult periods.

Overall healing can assist us to deepen an inner self-confidence and be well-equipped to responsibly support our own health and well-being. In a very practical way, healing helps us to live with consistency and stay centred and steady through life’s many pressures.

See below for details of some of the Esoteric Healing Therapies on offer or visit our website for more information.

Many find the connection to the inner-most through the quiet and stillness offered by Sacred Esoteric Healing to have truly benefited their personal health and overall lifestyle by being able to introduce this quality of the inner-most into a way of daily living.

A gentle massage, Esoteric Massage, may support the body with ingrained energetic and physical disharmony, by focusing on the restoration of the right flow of energy in and through the body to enable it to return to its natural and unhindered way of physical movement and expression.

A complementary healing therapy, Esoteric Chakra-puncture consists of needles applied very lightly to the surface layer of the skin that serve the purpose of restoring energetic harmonious balance to the energetic state of being and vitality of the body.

A gentle hands on physical and energetic modality, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, in which the practitioner works directly with the energy flowing through the body's connective tissue system in order to support and restore the natural balance of the body.

Find out more about healing therapies

Supporting our Sleep

Sleep doesn’t just happen. The choices we make during the day and the way we run our body play an integral part in the quality of sleep we will experience. We can make choices that can change the quality of our sleep. It’s no quick fix, but the body can be restored to its natural rhythm.

Here’s a free 15 minute body awareness audio to help you prepare for sleep. You can do it in bed and repeat it each night if you like. The movements are very simple and gentle and can settle the body and legs before sleep.


You And Money

Managing our money is an important part of our lives, if there is a flow with money this supports us immensely – we include details here of a 2 part series of online video presentations on Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Personal Finances.

  • Course 1 explores how we are with money to expose, broaden, expand and develop our relationship with money, how this impacts us, our lives and others. It will introduce tools that can help to support the development of a truly healthy relationship with money.

  • Course 2 presents the next stage of development in learning not just how you are with your personal finances, but how to further build a solid and clear foundation that can truly begin to support you and the many aspects in your life that it impacts such as your health, relationships, communities etc.

The Courses are presented by Susan Scully and Deborah Benhayon who collectively bring with them over 57 years of experience in the Finance and Business Sectors.

Details of the courses


Mint chimichurri

This is a light, refreshing and simple accompaniment for all sorts of dishes: lamb, fish, a dressing for salads, a filling for omelettes, the list goes on . . .

Mint chimichurri recipe

Snapper and herb bake

Lovely, light, simple and supportive fish dish that gives the dinner table not only a wow factor from how it looks but how it tastes as well.

Snapper and herb bake recipe

Nutty carob bars with seeds and dry fruits

A fruit, seed and nut carob recipe that makes fantastic snack bars; an alternative to chocolate that is naturally dairy free and refined sugar free.

Nutty carob bars recipe

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