Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter June 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter June 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter June 2018


What is Self-Love?

If you google this topic you will usually come up with a list of various things to do that could be considered “self-loving” – having a bath, going for a facial, having a night out, going to bed early, curling up on the couch and reading a book etc.

All of these things in themselves can be supportive, but what if the person doing them does not really deeply and truly love and honour themselves?

Is self-love a list of things to do or is it a deep honouring of who you are?

Welcome to our June newsletter where we expose the doing of self-care and ask if there is a more loving way we can be with ourselves.

It's a newsletter filled with articles, videos and audios to support us to make self-love our new normal. Please enjoy, and take the opportunity to reflect on just how much you truly deeply appreciate yourself.

With love,

The EWH Newsletter Team



  • The Pure Gold in Self-care


  • Women In Livingness Workshop 2018


  • Self-Care
  • How Love Benefits Your Health
  • Giving Food Giving Love
  • Self-abuse under the umbrella of Making it Right
  • What is Esoteric Women's Health to me


  • Women in Livingness Workshop – Brisbane
  • Well-being for Women – Worldwide
  • Breast Cancer Care Retreat - Sydney


  • 12 minute Tune Into Your Body


  • What's L-O-V-E got to do with Esoteric Yoga?


  • Jeanette Macdonald


  • Marinated lamb chops Italian style
  • Dry Prawn Curry
  • Gluten and dairy free Orange & Almond Cake


The Pure Gold in Self-care

by Samantha Davidson

"There had to be more to life and I didn’t know what it was, but something just wasn’t right. Like many women I cleaned my house, washed, paid bills, cleaned my teeth, did my nails, went to the doctors, bought myself new clothes, ate my vegetables and fruit, drank plenty of water, went for walks, had friends and family around me etc . . . "

"And although on the surface it looked like I self-cared it would be realistic to call it self-function . . ."


"Love is being you -– not playing a role, nor pleasing or enjoining or lending yourself to be what others need."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 685


Showcasing the Women in Livingness February 2018 Workshop on Getting Real in Relationships video!

See for yourself what actually happens at a WIL workshop!

Our next workshop is coming up in Brisbane on 8 July 2018, see Women in Livingness events for details.



A simple title and a simple article, sharing how to begin a life-long way of caring for your self that is not about a set of fixed rules and regulations.

"I knew I wanted to live and feel clear and clean. I worked towards this from ideals and beliefs in my head and after ‘sticking to the discipline’ for a period of time, found myself always back to the destructive behaviours."


How Love Benefits Your Health

Loving ourselves is natural, even though that may not be our experience in life. By allowing love to flow in our body we have the capacity to influence and change the actual physical processes of our body.

"And so LOVE can be the strongest, most effective medicine in this world."


Giving Food Giving Love

Food is often given as a gesture of love and the bigger the portion, the greater the love. We feel the good feeling in our mouths and, albeit briefly, we might feel loved.

"Food is not the source of love, we are."


Self-abuse Under the Umbrella of Making it Right

"Just the other day I was asked to do an action stunt whilst shooting a movie – they wanted me to jump off a roof...And so – I jumped." But was that what Christina really wanted to do?

"There is no difference whether it is jumping from a roof or talking to someone to ‘be nice’ when I truly do not feel like talking: they are both against the truth of my body – they both feel horrible afterwards."


What is Esoteric Women's Health to me

Read one woman's account of how Esoteric Women's Health has supported her to care more deeply for herself.

"We have not really ever been encouraged to take care of ourselves first as this has been seen as selfish. What if . . . it is not?"

"EWH has taught me exactly this. It has taught me that I am worth taking care of. In the past I did not care for myself in the ways that I do now so this is a big change and one worth celebrating."



Women in Livingness Workshop

Brisbane – Sunday 8 July 2018

Natalie Benhayon, founder of Esoteric Women's Health presents

'Understanding Self Worth - your key to unlocking the confident you'.

Lack of Self-Worth and Self-Doubt are the terrible twins that sabotage women from an otherwise steady confidence and inner authority.

  • Why has it become so normal to not feel good enough in who we are and what we can do?
  • Are we coping with 'this new norm'?
  • Is it possible to change?

Natalie Benhayon presents in this workshop an in-depth yet practical view on how we can support ourselves to break free of this cycle.

Natalie is an international presenter and practitioner in women’s health. Her presentations are practical, deeply insightful and very relatable and have supported countless women around the world to reconnect to their own self-worth and inner confidence.

Sunday 8 July 2018 10am – 3pm

Numbers are limited so book now.

Visit Women In Livingness to find out more . . .


Listen to Natalie speak about why we need Esoteric Women's Health

"I see a lot of women really unsure of who they are, lacking in self-confidence, trying to fit in and live up to so many ideals and expectations of who they think a woman should be. And yet at the same time, they are going against everything that they naturally feel inside themselves, crushing it. These workshops are an awesome stop for that woman, to come and to feel and get really honest about what she feels is true.”    ~ WIL Workshop Testimonial



Well-being for Women events are regular presentations held world-wide where we explore what health and well-being truly means, discussing a range of topics that are relevant to women today – relationships, work, self-care, diet, self-love, intimacy, self-worth, etc.

Click here for June 2018 dates


  • Australia:   Brisbane  |  Sydney  |  Melbourne  |  Perth  |  Ballina  

  • International:   Tauranga  |  Cornwall  |  London  |  Oslo  |  Netherlands  



  • Sunday, 9th September 2018 – Sydney

  • Sunday, 4th November 2018 – Wollongbar, Northern NSW

The Breast Cancer Care Retreats are for women who currently or previously have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and their carers and/or partners – the retreats offer an opportunity to stop and reflect on how we have been living, as well as a day of deep nurturing, care and support.



The following free 12-minute body awareness scan offers a moment to stop to tune into you and your body. ​ A simple tool to support us in our daily living – to love our selves, reacquainting with our body and its true intelligence.



What's L-O-V-E got to do with Esoteric Yoga? You'll find out in these 2 amazing articles . . .

Classes and private sessions are available in person or online across the globe.



Jeanette Macdonald

Jeanette Macdonald lives in New Zealand and spent many years working on the land as a farmer. She now works as a Registered Nurse with a focus on Palliative Care in rural communities.

With over 20 years experience in complementary therapies Jeanette has for the last 12 years been engaged in the study and the practice of the profound and beautiful modalities delivered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Jeanette's clinic provides the space for reconnection to the tenderness, delicacy and harmony that resides in each and every one of us. A place we all know but for a variety of reasons may have temporarily forgotten. Through taking a moment, making space for reconnecting to the innermost self, loving attention to the body and the being, true healing can take place.

In a world that is constantly asking us to 'do' more and more, and where anxiety, stress, rush and pressure have somehow become the 'new normal', she offers the opportunity to take a moment to halt, let go, become still and just 'be'.


"I realised that in the hardness and ‘maleness’ that I had seen myself as for so long, I had never allowed myself to see or feel my true womanly beauty, nor be aware that I had the capacity for such tenderness of touch, such an honouring of myself."

Read this article written by Jeanette: Stillness and seeing myself as I really am


Marinated lamb chops Italian style

Lamb chops in a herb marinade – super simple to prepare and healthy to boot. This marinade tenderises the meat and they are very succulent chops everyone will enjoy. A gluten free recipe that can be easily adjusted for any number of people.

Dry Prawn Curry

Looking for an easy to follow recipe, packed full of exotic flavours and a great sharing dish? This recipe is perfect and leaves you feeling warm from the inside out.

Gluten and dairy free Orange and Almond Cake

A delicious orange and almond cake for those who are looking for a gluten free and dairy free baking option. A very moreish cake which has the perfect balance from the sweetness of the orange and bitterness of the rind, a winner all round.

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