Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter May 2019

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter May 2019

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter May 2019


Welcome to our May newsletter, about listening to our body.

What does it actually mean to listen to our body and how do we do this?

Have we ever considered that our body is the wisest friend we have, and that it is communicating immense wisdom to us, non-stop, all of the time?

Are we good at overriding or ignoring what our body is communicating? How much do we hear what our body is trying to tell us?

In our newsletter this month we include a section with tools to support you to build a deeper connection to your body, including guided meditations, body awareness audios, a body awareness scan to prepare for sleep, and more. You can read more here. We also look at why sometimes we ignore what our bodies are clearly showing us.

Please enjoy our newsletter and know that the connection to your body is the most important connection you will ever have, one that is well worth developing and one that will support your health and well-being more than anything else.

With love,

Esoteric Women's Health



  • True Power – Living from the inside out


  • Don't shoot the messenger!
  • How to listen to your body
  • Mindfulness: it’s not the holy grail of awareness
  • Your body tells the truth
  • Sore shoulders in women; are our bodies speaking to us?
  • What does PMS stand for . . . apart from driving me crazy?
  • Me and my menstrual cycle: Connecting to my body and myself as a woman


  • Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation (and tips for beginners)
  • Body Awareness Audio
  • Body Awareness Meditation
  • Body Awareness – preparing your body for sleep


  • Review of Women in Livingness Workshop
  • Well-being for Women


  • Developing an honest relationship with the body through acceptance


  • A revolutionary approach to self-care and getting to know your body.


  • Pumpkin seed butter
  • Lemongrass and kaffir lime barramundi
  • Banana macadamia ice cream


True Power – Living from the inside out

by Tina Kopa

In the 80s I bounced and star jumped my way through hours of aerobics classes in a desperate attempt to control my weight. According to advertising and media at the time, thin and leggy was in . . . oh dear, I was neither, but enough hours pounding the pavement, skipping meals and living on salad I could, for a few months, achieve a look I felt measured up to something acceptable.

I was my harshest critic. I compartmentalised my body, sectioning it into the good, the bad and the ugly --- Bum good, thighs ugly, hair good, etc, and not being supermodel standard fear not, advertising to the rescue, weight loss and beauty experts served up remedies for us regular girls ‘7 days to a flat stomach’ or ‘dressing to disguise those problem areas’.

My relationship with my body was based on performance and if it didn’t live up to a standard then it wasn’t worth my attention or care.

"I have come to realise that my relationship with myself, with my body is the single most important one of my life."



Don't shoot the messenger!

"Our bodies are really only mirrors or messengers of how we are living. It is very interesting how quick we are to blame our bodies for breaking down, meanwhile conveniently avoiding the fact that our bodies are only reflecting back to us the momentum of how we have been living."


How to listen to your body

"If we start listening to what our body is saying, we can have a much deeper relationship with our body that will lead to greater awareness and connection within ourselves that will support us to know how to live in way that fosters true health and well-being."


Mindfulness: it’s not the holy grail of awareness

"It is worth contemplating that true awareness lies not in the ability to manage our actions and our lives with our minds, but in understanding and determining the quality of energy that produces them both through developing the relationship with our body."


Your body tells the truth

"Can you recall a time when you worked through the whole day without a break, and how exhausting that felt at the end of it? How sick you felt when you ate a whole block of chocolate or a packet of biscuits? When you had a hideous hangover after drinking too much?"


Sore shoulders in women; are our bodies speaking to us?

"This was how I used to rationalise my intermittent yet persistent shoulder pain until I became more willing to be aware of our body’s intelligence, and that the pain that cannot be attributed to a diagnosed condition may be its way of gently and sometimes quite loudly sharing with us that something more is going on for us."


What does PMS stand for . . . apart from driving me crazy?

"Our body is the most honest tool we have and with every physical, mental or emotional discomfort it is forever ‘reporting back’ to us imbalances that let us know that the way we are ‘living’ ourselves is in some way out of balance and in need of adjustment or correction."


Me and my menstrual cycle: Connecting to my body and myself as a woman

"How I live and the choices that I make have an impact on my menstruation. The more I take care of myself and the more I truly honour myself, the more positive the effect upon my menstruation."



There are many tools that can support you to connect to your body, in our busy lives we can lose touch with what our body is trying to tell us, the tools below can support you to restore this connection and thereby honour the wisdom that the body is always communicating.

Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation

The Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation is the perfect meditation for beginners or for anyone interested in developing and establishing the quality of their own gentle breath and understanding the true value and purpose of meditation.

For a beginners guided Gentle Breath Meditation, CLICK HERE.

Gentle Breath Meditation tips for beginners

Contrary to what you might have heard, meditating does not mean we need to somehow get rid of our thoughts.

Emptying the mind is actually not possible and neither is it the goal of the Gentle Breath Meditation, which is designed to bring your body and mind together as one.

The key is to engage the brain in the meditation by giving it something to focus on, like the feeling of your breath as it enters and leaves your nose.

Left alone our minds are used to being busy, wandering often and jumping from one thought to another, thinking about the past or the future.

  • As we learn to bring the mind’s awareness to the body, thoughts will naturally flow and this is normal; the key is to not get caught up in them and get carried away
  • When you notice you are thinking about other things there is no need to be upset or feel that you can’t meditate or that perhaps you have failed
  • Our minds are so used to having their own way that it will take time to be able to be fully present during the 5-10 minutes you have allocated for your meditation
  • Simply acknowledge that you have drifted off and gently return to the focus of the Gentle Breath Meditation

With practice you will find that you can engage your mind more easily and be present with your body in your meditation. With this your thoughts and busy mind actually interfere less and less. When a thought does pop in you catch it quicker and quite simply return to being with yourself.

Read more tips about the Gentle Breath Meditation

Body Awareness Audio

Presented by Marcia Owen from Living Medicine, this free 12 minute Body Awareness audio can be used at any time to stop, take a moment and feel what is going on with your body, supporting a deeper connection with yourself. It can be done in either a seated or laying down position.

(and use the coupon code shown on the web page)

Body Awareness Meditation

Presented by Donna Nolan from Yoga and Healing, this simple free 13 minute meditation assists you to deeply rest and reconnect to your body and develop conscious presence – that is having the mind and the body together. This meditation can be done in a laying down position.


Body Awareness – Prepare your body for sleep

Sleeplessness is the modern day plague, how we are during the day affects our sleep. Unwind, relax and bring presence to your movements before you go to sleep. This free 15 minute audio is presented by Vicky Geary from In Stillness and is great to do in bed.



Review of Women in Livingness Workshop

Here you can read one woman's review of the Women in Livingness Workshop held in Brisbane in February 2019 and presented by Esoteric Women's Health founder Natalie Benhayon.

Living in Sisterhood: the path to true Empowerment for Women

"At the Women in Livingness Workshop in Brisbane, I joined many other women all wanting to understand how to live in true empowerment, outside the many stereotypes we had seen or 'tried out' for size in our lives."

Do we all have that true daily settlement in our body that comes from knowing nothing can rock or undermine our self-respect and worth?

Do we consistently trust or honour our feelings or the cyclic rhythms of our body that have always been our inner source of power?

The rising rates of female plastic surgery, depression, anxiety and general need for comparison and jealousy (fuelled by the media) as well as caffeine, alcohol, sugar and other stimulants would suggest not.


The NEXT Women in Livingness Workshop will be held on Sunday 21st July 2019 in Brisbane, stay tuned to our website for more details.

Well-being for Women

Well-being for Women are regular presentations held throughout the world that can support us to restore a level of vitality, well-being and zest for life that many of us struggle to feel amidst the demands, pressures and expectations of daily life.

"These presentations offer a space where women can come together and feel free to express what is really going on for them, in a space that is so supportive and non-judgemental - we are all dealing with similar issues in their many different forms, and it is so good to be able to support each other to know there is a different way, a way that truly and deeply honours who we are." ~ KB, age 58

Find a Well-being for Women Group near you


Esoteric Yoga – Developing an honest relationship with your body through acceptance

One of the great joys of Esoteric Yoga is that it is such a wonderful support for developing an honest relationship with the body that then supports one to have a more honest relationship with everyday life.

The various themes that are available to be explored in an Esoteric Yoga class are endless and equally there to be explored in life’s everyday activities. Developing an acceptance in life is one such theme that supports the body to surrender more as opposed to pushing through life carrying tension, burdens, exhaustion or pain in general. It may at first seem that acceptance of ourselves and how things are in life would be simple, however given the opportunity to look deeper, one can find that there is much to uncover and feel.

A poignant question to ask is ‘Do we have investments or pictures in life to be a certain way – or do we accept life as it is?’


"We can choose the path of ease by accepting what is there to be felt and allowing the body to surrender OR, we can fight ourselves by diverting our energy to continuing to avoid and distract ourselves from our awareness, and thus continuing with our patterns and ways of living that keep the momentums and tension held in the body."


The Our Cycles App is a revolutionary approach to self-care and well-being in a simple-to-use application designed for both women and men.

It has been designed with YOU and your cycle in mind – it is not your typical 'tracking' app, but an overall health and well-being tool, supporting you to get to know your body more deeply.

Track your feelings and moods, make notes about your day and use this app as a space to self-reflect and enjoy a deepening understanding of you and your body.

Explore how, with simple observation and basic record keeping, you can get to know yourself in relation to the bigger-picture cycles taking place.



Pumpkin Seed Butter

A twist from the usual nut butter, this seed version is very strong nutritionally and a brilliant dip for crudités. It makes for a great alternative lunch box snack, particularly for those schools that are nut free . . .

Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime Barramundi

Barramundi is a lightly flavoured white fish that lends itself beautifully to other flavours . . . kaffir lime and lemongrass are exquisite with it.

Banana Macadamia Ice-cream

This lovely banana ice cream recipe is not only a gluten and dairy free dessert, but also free from added sugar. Using just 4 ingredients it’s quick and easy for any occasion.

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