Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter November 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter November 2018

Esoteric Women's Health Newsletter November 2018


Welcome to our November newsletter.

Our theme this month is to bring focus to CELEBRATE who we are. As women, we so often place all our focus on where we don’t feel good enough which induces the drive that we have to be better, to be more, to do more etc.

What if we are already MORE than enough – we simply need to explore our expression of it? Regardless of our current life situation, our social status, our shape or size, partnered or single, young or old, kids or no kids, job or no job there is our true expression to be found in all that we do.

Exploring that expression includes taking time to reflect on all that you offer, your kindness, your care, your delicateness (yes it is there, even if you can't feel it all the time), your wisdom, your way of being with people. Whilst we all know very well what our imperfections are, it is important for us to celebrate all that we bring equally so as women.

This month we include many articles to support with understanding this expression, to giving it a go to feel that you are precious, you are unique, and to confirm that the world needs everything that YOU have to offer.

Please note also our Breast Cancer Care Retreat coming up this Sunday 4th November in Wollongbar, details are below - this one day retreat is for women who currently have or have previously had a diagnosis of breast cancer, offering a day of deep nurturing and support as well as insights into our health as women.

Please enjoy our newsletter and know that you are worth celebrating . . .

With love,

The EWH Newsletter Team



  • Getting to Know Sacredness


  • Natalie Benhayon on our Heavenly curves


  • Re-discovering the Delicateness Within
  • Dressing as Beautifully as I feel
  • Female leaders and the importance of a woman's importance
  • My bath this morning
  • The living Wisdom of older women – a sacred experience




  • Breast Cancer Care Retreats – 4 November – Wollongbar
  • Well-being for Women – Regular events worldwide


  • Sara Harris and Bianca Barban



  • Beetroot, lime and coriander salad
  • Marinated lamb cutlets with a touch of the middle east
  • Nut creme

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Getting to Know Sacredness

By Bianca Barban

Deep within each and every woman (and man), present from the moment she is born, is a quality that is unshakeable. A steadiness that is immune to the intensity of the outside world and all that goes on around her. While this quality, in essence, is the same within us all, once re-connected to and lived its expression is unique. Similar to the way the trajectory of light emanates from each and every star in the night sky, each woman provides an angle of reflection that only she can shine forth.

This inner-most quality is forever constant, it is there before she raises her head off the pillow in the morning to start the to-do list of her day. When acknowledged and honoured this essence – the “who she truly is” will guide her in how she is to be. It will lovingly inform her how she can meet the challenges in her day with a knowing that is wise beyond her years, providing an assured platform to walk each step with grace and authority.

"Wake up every morning knowing that deep within you is a beauty that is pristine, as exquisite as the light of every star. Wake up and know you are complete, that within you is a whole-ness that can nurture you and love you like no other. Wake up and celebrate that you are here, that the world is blessed by your unique reflection, that you are here to support all and this includes truly supporting yourself."



As women do we appreciate in full just how amazing we are and everything we have to offer, regardless of our shape or size or how the world has told us to be? Listen to the founder of Esoteric Women's Health speak about this topic.

We include one more video that celebrates the beauty of women, that we are all Truly, Deeply Beautiful.


Re-discovering the Delicateness Within

There is an exquisite ‘quality’ deep within every human being that we can allow ourselves to feel, connect with and begin to nurture.

When we connect to this quality and allow it to be, it naturally and effortlessly becomes part of whatever we do.

"For me, when I stop trying and start instead to feel and connect to this quality within, it begins to blossom effortlessly throughout my whole being – it comes alive within me first and then naturally permeates all my activities from the inside out, and not the other way round.”


Dressing as Beautifully as I Feel

Why do we feel like we need to make excuses for ourselves when we dress up? Are we actually allowed to be dressing as beautifully as we like whenever we like?

"‘What’s with the baggy, daggy clothes ladies?! The covering up? You are beautiful, you all have curves, where are they?’ "


Female leaders and the importance of a woman’s importance

What are the qualities that a woman brings to the workplace? Is it about 'what we do', or is about our quality, our warmth and tenderness, our poise and our presence?

"When the most valued currency in the working world is maleness, the dollar of femaleness is automatically devalued, and sight of the invaluable worth of the currency a woman does bring in virtue of her quality is immediately vanquished or lost, to the detriment of all."


My bath this morning

How often do we get to stop and appreciate ourselves enough to create something lovely? A space just for ourselves to reflect the innate loveliness we naturally are within?

"Developing a relationship with who we are on the inside begins with doing something truly lovely for ourselves to appreciate, celebrate and ultimately cherish who we are and what we bring to ALL those around us."


The Living Wisdom of older women – a sacred experience

"As I sat amongst a group of women aged in their 50s, 60s and older I was surprised to feel how inspired I was by them - I was amazed at the wisdom and perspective on life that these women had to share."

"It was very joyous to feel that there are older people not retiring from life but going into a deeper phase still with a great commitment to life, still working and serving the community, still present and vital. They were not beaten by life but had learnt from life and now had this wealth of experience to share with others."



Women in Livingness Magazine –

it's ONLINE and it's FREE

Exploring the issues that truly matter to women

There is much to celebrate as women but often self-worth gets in our way. Women in Livingness magazine edition 2 explores this topic of self-worth.

The Women in Livingness magazine is compiled and styled by over 100 volunteering women, residing in 9 different countries, representing a diverse cross-section of society. They are all leaders in their professional fields, and offer expertise, and life experience on subjects that truly matter to women.

The unique commitment of our team is – no Photoshop allowed. Our photographers work to capture the natural beauty, spark, and essence of women in their photography – we want women to be inspired by what they see and not judged for not measuring up to unrealistic body shapes and features.

Real women talking about the things that truly matter –

FREE and available now Online in both English and German



The Our Cycles App is a revolutionary approach to self-care and well-being in a simple-to-use application designed for both women and men.

It has been designed with YOU and your cycle in mind – it is not your typical 'tracking' app, but an overall health and well-being tool, supporting you to get to know your body more deeply.

Track your feelings and moods, make notes about your day and use this app as a space to self-reflect and enjoy a deepening understanding of you and your body.

Explore how, with simple observation and basic record keeping, you can get to know yourself in relation to the bigger-picture cycles taking place.

Watch this short video (1min 45secs) on the Our Cycles App



Breast Cancer Care One Day Retreat

Sunday, 4th November 2018 – Wollongbar, Northern NSW

Our Breast Cancer Care Retreat is for women who currently or previously have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and their carers and/or partners. The retreat is presented by health practitioners and other health professionals who will share their own personal and professional experiences with breast cancer.

Previous participants have found the day to be deeply nurturing and supportive, and the retreat has given them an opportunity to stop and reflect on their lives.

*Please note that no medical advice is given at the retreat.

  • WHEN:                    Sunday 4th November 2018
  • TIME:                        9:30am – 4pm (registration commences at 9am)
  • INVESTMENT:    $60 / Concession: $40 / Carers/Partners: No Charge
  • WHERE:                  37 Convery's Lane Wollongbar NSW
  • BOOKINGS:         Bookings are essential. Please register here.

For further information about the event please call Mary-Louise on 0419 106 702 or email



Relationships, work, self-care, diet, self-love, intimacy, and self-worth are just some of the topics discussed at our regular Well-being for Women events. These presentations offer a wealth of insight, inspiration and practical take-home tools for you to embrace in your own life.

"These events are such a beautiful space for women to talk about what is truly going on, in a supportive, open and non-judgmental environment."

Brisbane  |  Sydney  |  Melbourne  |  Perth  |  Ballina|  Tweed Coast

Tauranga  |  Cornwall  |  Norwich  |  Oslo



Sara Harris and Bianca Barban

Living Stillness Clinic, Melbourne Australia

Living Stillness – Massage, Health & Well-being is a Melbourne based clinic, co-owned and run by Bianca Barban and Sara Harris. The service offered is founded in the the understanding that the quality of our health is a result of the way that we live in all aspects of life, thereby taking into account the whole person.

Whilst Living Stillness is a family clinic, offering sessions to men, women and children, both Bianca and Sara have a special interest in women’s health. With the support of Esoteric Women’s Health and the foundational understanding that our health comes from within, Bianca & Sara are active members of the community and regularly deliver presentations and workshops focused on the support of women’s health & well-being, as well as seeing women on an individual basis for health concerns related to puberty, menstruation, fertility & menopause.

Supporting women to come to a greater understanding, a deeper connection and love of themselves and their bodies is the basis of the work that they offer.

In addition to offering Universal Medicine Therapies & Counselling, both Bianca and Sara offer Remedial Massage – with Bianca also specialising in Oncology Massage and Sara specialising in Pregnancy Massage.

To read more about these two amazing women and what they can offer you, visit Living Stillness.


There are many therapies that help to support deepening the connection to yourself – you can visit the Esoteric Practitioner's Association website to find a practitioner in your area.

The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is an accrediting body for practitioners of Universal Medicine Therapies, which offer healing and complementary support to conventional treatments. They are not 'alternative' or 'new age' and nor are they anti-western medicine. They are in fact very pro and thus respectful of western medicine and its great service to society, and this philosophy to treat the whole in union with all parts is at the fore of every EPA member's way of practice.



Beetroot, lime and coriander salad

Sweet and earthy beetroot salad with zingy and aromatic flavours. Simply yummy, adding a richness to any meal or delicious on its own.

Marinated lamb cutlets with a touch of the Middle East

This gluten free lamb cutlet marinade is packed full of spicy flavours and is a simple, easy recipe that delivers an impressively delicious end result.

Nut crème

Our super easy and superbly delicious nut crème is a fantastic alternative to using dairy cream or yoghurt. Serve with fresh or stewed fruit for breakfast or as a dessert.

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