The all encompassing nature of Esoteric Women's Health

Esoteric Women’s Health

The all encompassing nature of Esoteric Women's Health

Esoteric Women's Health is the umbrella for a vast range of projects that offer the opportunity for students of the Way of the Livingness to share their actual life-changing experiences of being in this world as a woman as they re-connect to and develop the Living Way of honouring themselves in full.

Their commitment is showcased through the extraordinary blogs and articles that women write themselves, for the Women In Livingness Blog - WIL, Women in Livingness website, Women's Sphere and the Women's Health Sphere of Unimed Living.

Women In Livingness Blog

Initiated in August 2012, WIL has already published hundreds of in-depth blogs on all things WOMEN, ranging from:

  • Mothering
  • Relationships
  • Perceptions of beauty
  • Pregnancy
  • Using pads versus tampons
  • Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM)
  • Rediscovering the qualities of a true woman
  • A deeply experienced understanding of cancer

And so much more.

Contributions have been published from women residing all around the world, including the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, Japan and Singapore and been visited by people from over 140 countries around the world.

These blogs have received over 10,000 comments to date and the site continues to be a very lively place for conversation between women on all manner of subjects.

The Women’s Sphere

The Women’s Sphere has been even more prolific in its volunteer activity and is a true testament to the increasing number of women who are willing to express openly online, so that other women worldwide may feel it is possible to live free from the imposition of false pictures or ideals that direct women away from being who they truly are.

These women live everyday lives, have jobs and families and yet make time to write, edit and consistently commit unpaid time to a project which requires them to fully embrace and appreciate themselves. From this foundation they are able to express in full all that is to be shared for other women to know and be inspired by the benefits of the Way of the Livingness.

All of this is concurrently a celebration of the contributors: the writers, the editors, the administrative support and the co-ordinators.

It is equally a celebration of what it is to be a woman, the women in our lives, the woman you are and all the women and men who inspire us.

Never before has there been such a platform of expression that involves so many, yet remarkably remains unified in its intention to offer a reflection of the unfolding path of return to living in profound honour and appreciation of all it truly is to be a woman.

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  • By Sara Williams, BA, EPA Recognised