An Open Letter to Humanity

'An Open Letter to Humanity', is easily the longest letter to anybody in recorded history and most likely the only one that doesn’t indulge in either condemnation or exuberant declarations of love. What 'An Open Letter to Humanity' does have at its foundation though is the all-encompassing vastness and unwavering steadiness of the expression of God’s love in the written word. But what does that have to do with me, you might ask?

It actually has a lot to do with all of us, with each single one of us, no matter where you live and how you live. This open letter will in time be regarded as the game changer for humanity that it is. Serge Benhayon asks the deeper and truly pertinent questions that we have all asked ourselves but that are so easily brushed over as we get on with life and fulfil our functional role in the machinations of the society we have created. It is easy to just keep going and seemingly forget that we all know that life could and should be different, that the overwhelming onslaught of deadlines, stressors, misunderstandings and arguments goes against our grain and that conflict, warfare and torture are not of our true making. But why is all this going on – and getting worse – when we can feel deep inside that it is so very wrong? What is it that is making us live against our true nature and to what depth have we given up on who we truly are behind the bulwark of functionality and seeming carelessness that we put out and even try to convince ourselves of?